Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Life being what it is these days, I wasn't too surprised to learn there's an app for your smartphone called OK Kosher Food Guide. Having been developed by The Orthodox Union, I guess it doesn't work between sunset on Friday night and sunset on Saturday night.

But I was surprised to read there are now 900,000 webcam performers on the net, prepared to give you a personal porn show. I wonder who counted them. And how long it took.

I see that one of the British cyclists who won gold medals in the recent world championships in London has the surname Varnish. Which wouldn't be a bad attribute for that sport.

Here's a song which the black community of America favoured after the epoch-changing fight I mentioned last night. It's sung to the tune of Amazing Grace, if you want to give it a go.

Amaze an' Grace, how sweet it sounds,
Jack Johnson knocked Jim Jeffries down.
Jim Jeffries jumped up an' hit Jack on the chin,
An' then Jack knocked him down again.

The Yankees hold the play,
The white man pulls the trigger;
But it makes no difference what the white man says,
The world champion's still a nigger.

So, the Greeks will get their 123 or 223 billion euros, depending on whether you read The Times or The Guardian. And everything's gonna be alright. At least for a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, you might want to ponder which euro notes you'll keep and which you'll get shut of. Check the letter in front of the serial numbers:-
Group 1
X - Germany
N - Austria
P - Holland
L - Finland
U- France
Z - Belgium (still without a government but doing fine)
Group 2
F - Malta
G - Cyprus
M - Portugal
S - Italy
T - Ireland
Group 3
Y - Greece

There's been some very rough treatment of protesting students by the Valencian police. The relevant minister in Madrid has admitted this, for which he was accused of cowardice and having a 'poor moral attitude' by the secretary general of the Unified Police Trade Union. Who added that the "confrontational atmosphere with the police is down to a few anti-establishment radicals, skinheads or modern redskins". Modern redskins. What the hell are they? And is this a racist comment?

Finally, If you're interested in Spanish football, click here. And if Spanish films are your bag, click here. And here.


Ferrolano said...

With regard to your Spanish football league link, I have for a long maintained that teams such as Barcelona and Real Madrid, move on with similar teams from; Germany, Holland, France, England and etc., to form a European super (rich) league, leaving other more normal (financially strapped) teams to battle their respective leagues. Failing that, we just ignore the top two or three from each league.

Alfred B. Mittington said...

The total tally is, I believe, 242 billion euros: 130 from the European taxpayer, 100 from the private banks, and a neat 12 billion euros in interest over the 130, which will be ploughed back to lower the interest over the earlier 2010 loan of 110 billion. But I may of course have missed a billion or two in this bookkeepers’ brainteaser. The real question is whether any of the 110 and 130 will be paid back, or if Bad Luck it will turn into a Voluntary Gift…

Meanwhile, Belgium has had a government since last autumn, I believe?

Perry said...

Richard North at EU Referendum writes with regard to the Greek bailout:

"Therein lies the mystery. One should always beware of the obvious, and with so many commentators patting themselves on the back for their perspicacity – including me – there is the danger that we are missing something.

That "something" is the next step. The "colleagues" really are not that stupid, and if it is so transparent to us all that the deal cannot work, they surely must have something in reserve … a "plan B".

An alternative, of course, is that there really is nothing left in the locker - that this is the last, despairing fling to stave off the inevitable. But, with their Houdini-like skills for escaping from impossible situations, it is hard to believe that. It is all very well, therefore, for these clever people pontificating about how bad the bailout deal is, and how certain it is to fail. Even the dimmest of us knows that by now. Thus, the question stands: what have we missed?"

Forget "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts", it's more"Beware of Greeks receiving gifts".


Colin said...

Hola, Alfie. Good of you to comment. I'm guessing the missing 100bn supplied by the private sector is, in fact, debt forgiveness. Or, putting it another way, the 'haircut' imposed on those banks/institutions which will suffer a 53% nominal loss on their bonds but a 74% loss on the NPV of the bonds.

The BBC reported, I now see, that a new Belgian government was sworn in in December. Things are probably going downhill now.

Colin said...

@Ferrolano: I'm sure this will come one day. But I suspect the two Scottish teams would be perpetual tail-enders.

Ferrolano said...

@ Colin, which is why I only mentioned teams from England, in spite of the fact that one of the Scottish teams did in the past field a player from Ferrol.

Colin said...


Well, if the only achievable objective was to buy time, then the deal was a success, I guess.

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