Sunday, February 12, 2012

Opposite my mother's flat is the local police station. On an outside wall is a sign which reads HEALTH AND SAFETY STARTS HERE. I have great difficulty understanding what on earth this signifies but I note that, once you've entered the grounds en route to the entrance, there's two or three metres before you get to the sign. Which presumably, means you pass through a zone of nil health and safety. And could be mown down by a passing police car.

I'm decidedly ambivalent about Facebook and am only on it because it's the only way to stay in touch with a daughter who doesn't read her emails. But now I read that a couple in the USA have been killed by a woman they de-friended. A lesson for us all there, I guess. And it's not Don't befriend or defriend any Americans.

Talking of social networks . . . The day after I boast of not being a twitter, I read that "Social media such as Twitter are invaluable for making new business connections and for raising issues with government officials and other business leaders."

A report I read today referred to Spain's 'ailing housing market'. I rather think 'lifeless' would be more accurate.

Finally . . . Here's the Economist's take on the EU:- In Europe, the ECB's bold provision of liquidity has calmed nerves and limited the severity of the bond crisis and the recession. The trouble is that the ECB's success has reinforced Germany's conviction that its preferred solution to solving the single currency's underlying problems - namely, a hefty dose of austerity for all - is the right one. A lasting solution for the euro will require a more balanced approach, one which includes a greater focus on growth. Unfortunately, today's calm makes it less likely that German politicians will countenance such a shift, with the result that the eurozone's troubles will fester.

Who am I to disagree?

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