Wednesday, March 07, 2012

I see there's a new product on the Spanish market for piles. Appropriately enough, it's called NewAss. Click here for the evidence.

A small town in Tarragona is to hold a referendum on whether plans to create a marihuana plantation should proceed. If so, this will be for the private use of the Barcelona Cannabis Consumer Association. Who say they'll be growing the plant for their own use, as well as for research projects. They'll also make it available for those who use it for health purposes. I can't see this being emulated in conservative Pontevedra.

Talking about health, I see the latest scare is that sun-dried tomatoes are linked to hepatitis A. So you can be sure that in about ten years from now they'll be touted as a cure for the same condition.

If the Spanish government is perturbed at the prospect of an independent Scotland, imagine how they'll feel about Cornish demands for equal treatment. A petition signed by 50,000 people was delivered to the British prime minister in December. Said one Cornish nationalist:- “Cornwall is a British nation being treated like an English county." What's quite eerie is the number of similarities with Galicia; Celtic heritage; bagpipes; and a reputation for misleading travellers. But Cornwall does have one edge over Galicia - a true celtic language. Even if it has had to be resurrected and revitalised, the last native speaker having died a few decades ago.

Interesting to see that the Spanish government is planning to introduce Sunday shopping, though they'll leave the decision to regional governments. The expectation is that it'll happen in those parts of the country which have large numbers of tourists itching to open their wallets and purses on a Sunday.

I wrote about Athletic Bilbao and its Anglo origins a week or two ago. Click here for a more informative article from IberoSphere.

Finally . . . Lionel Messi's first goal against Bayern Leverkusen tonight made me laugh out loud, so preposterously audacious was it. Almost an insult to the goalkeeper. What an amazing player. As his four additional goals then confirmed. Messi does, of course, personify one of the great pluses of soccer; you don't have to be big - or even average height - to excel at the game. Georgie Best was the same.


Perry said...

Oh dear! You had to bring up the subject of unfortunate product names.

Poolife anyone?

Colin, you'll never live these down.



Colin said...

Many thanks, Perry. I enjoyed all of them. Best.