Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Inquisition - The Reign of Fear

I'm the sort of person who hates to not finish a book. Especially if I've bought the bloody thing. But, in the case of The Inquisition by Toby Green, I've struggled through to page 180 and decided I just can't make it to page 360. So, by coincidence, I'm jacking it in exactly on half-way.

If anyone has read the entire book and enjoyed it, I'd love to hear from them. With reasons why, obviously.

And, if you're Toby Green, surfing the net for citations, I'm sorry about that. I know you put a lot of effort into both researching and writing the book. Your consolation is that you've garnered some nice quotes from newspapers around the world and there are several positive reviews on Amazon. And did I mention that I bought the book? So you got a percentage of that.


trebots said...

Maybe you can save me some googling & explain what relaxatus in status means. German engineer has been uttering Lutheran abominations, escapes from Inquisition jail, recaptured, makes allegedly false confessions, relaxed in person. He's given to the civil authorities, who burn him?

Colin said...

Good to know that reading the book has been of some value.

Yes, those for burning were 'relaxed' to the civil authorities. The author never gives the Spanish verb but I assumed it was Relajar, and this one of the meanings of that word:-To deliver a capital offender from an ecclesiastical to the criminal tribunal. If they had satisfied the Inquisitors in some way or other, they were given the clemency of a garrotting before being set fire to. Those guys could be all heart at times.

I've already forgotten the word used for those who were merely sentenced to 10 years as galley slave. Will send if I recall it.

trebots said...

Beware of people whose job it is to relax you.

trebots said...

Wait, there's a bright side: 1708 tr. Acct. Cruelties by Inquisition in Portugal 81 "Those that confess after the Sentence of Relaxation‥is made known to them‥are allowed to clear themselves of their Demenution, through torture."

Colin said...

As I suspected, it began with Re. Those lucky buggers sentenced to lashing, imprisonment, the galleys and/or confiscation of goods were called Reconciliados.