Sunday, May 20, 2012

I visited my father in his nursing home today. In the lift(elevator) there was a sign saying “If this lift stops suddenly, press the red button and wait for assistance.” As opposed to what? Making an ice carving of the Titanic??

But anyway, Chelsea delivered another outrageous result tonight, beating Bayern Munich on penalties, after the game was drawn 1-1 after extra time. And it's not often that English teams beat German teams on penalties. Not that there were a lot of Englishmen in the Chelsea team. But that's football for you. Although unworthy, they're now European champions.

I read somewhere today that the Dutch call officious people who stick to the letter of the law 'ant-fuckers'. Which seems like a welcome addition to the English language. To me at least.

Finally . . . Here's some of the millions of words currently being written about the euro and its (non)future. From a sceptic.


Alfred B. Mittington said...

I checked with my Dutch contacts.

'Ant-fucker' ('Mieren-neuker' in Dutch) sounds much worse in English than it does in Dutch. In fact, it has the linguistic 'feel' of a word like 'bean-counter'.


Sierra said...

This is "unworthy" compared to another Blues team presumably; whose only recent game of note was a Cup Final loss to...guess who! By the way - how many English players do they have?

Colin said...

No, compared with Bayern Munich.

In fact, Everton had several games of note in the final quarter of the season, beating Chelsea and Manchester City and coming back from 2-4 down to draw with Man United at Old Trafford. The MU fan I was with last night felt it was this game that had cost them the Championship.

The loss to Liverpool was the only one suffered by Everton in the final 12 games or more.

Yes, as with most, PL teams, Everton is stuffed with foreign players. But, rightly or wrongly, they still rank as 'English' teams and, as I said, neither English nor 'English' teams have a good record against German or 'German' teams in penalty shoot-outs.

My impression was that BM had very few Germans in the team. But is still a 'German' team.

Colin said...

@ Alfie. I thought you might. You mean the expression (like, say, 'bastard') has lost its sting.?Or its power to shock.

Neuker. So, to fuck is Neuk???

Alfred B. Mittington said...

I never had a sting, my dear Colin. In that combination, the 'fuck' is felt to be so very petty that an old lady might use it. Which is strange, I admit. But compare with an expression like 'prick up your ears', which few people would associate with male members.

Colin said...

Yes but 'prick' doesn't mean the male member in that context.

It's hard to conceive of 'fuck' ever being granny-friendly.

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