Friday, June 15, 2012

I discovered today there's a police station secreted behind the foliage near a large roundabout at the end of the long straight stretch which starts in Headingley. I immediately realised that one reason - perhaps the main one - why the police cars drive fast along this road with their lights flashing and their sirens screaming is that they want to get back for a cup of tea. One thing's for sure - I won't miss the noise they make.

Talking of noise . . . Long term readers may recall that, a few years ago, I bought a TV-be-Gone - a key-fob sized remote control which switches off every TV within a matter of seconds. I used it for silencing the TVs in Spanish bars and caf├ęs which no one was watching and which contributed to the noise pollution in the place. Sadly, though, it could never turn off music. Anyway, I bought a new one this week and will enjoy (re)experimenting with it in Pontevedra.

I listened to an interesting BBC podcast today, on the theme of gays who cease to be gays and become straight. Or bisexual. Of their own accord, without religious pressure or the like. I was amused by the clever terms used - Hasbians for ex lesbians. And Yestergays for both sexes. Creative folk.

Talking of words . . . I assume Sunday's events in Greece can be labelled Grelections. I haven't seen this word but am sure someone beat me to it. Possibly weeks ago.

And still on words . . . One of my fellow bloggers (David Jackson? Lenox Napier?) wrote this week that the two English words scatological and eschatological are both rendered as escatol├│gico in Spanish. This despite the fact they have hugely different meanings. As you can see here and here. I suppose that context is everything but one can still imagine some confusion. And possibly anger. On the other hand, things could come together on Judgment Day - "Shit, it's the end of the world!"

I read today of some bones unearthed recently which may or may not be those of John the Baptist. The article added these facts to my scant knowledge on this subject:-
· Most controversial of the many saintly relics in medieval Europe was the foreskin of Christ, also known as the Holy Prepuce. No fewer than 18 of these were in circulation during the Middle Ages. [Perhaps it wasn't only the loaves and fishes which were converted.]
· Frederick III of Saxony acquired more than 5,000 relics in an attempt to shorten his time in purgatory. These included a strand of Christ’s beard, threads from the Virgin Mary’s veil and a twig from the burning bush. [Understandably, Frederick also held the title of Most Credulous Buffoon in Christendom. And had a lot of friends who were estate agents.]
· The priciest relic was probably the crown of thorns acquired by Louis IX in 1239 for nearly half of France’s annual budget. One of the thorns is now in the British Museum. [In a cabinet flanked by those holding the horn of a unicorn and the Holy Grail].
· Perhaps the cheapest can be found at Sacro Monte di Crea in Northern Italy. Among the fragments of bones from holy men is a glass case relating to an Italian saint who died in the 1970s. It contains a pair of black cotton socks. [I wonder if it was these that were used to perform the miracles necessary for someone to be made a saint. Presumably more than eradicating athletes' foot.]

Finally . . . Good to see those old favourites donkey throwing and brothels in vigo still turning up in the searches which bring readers to this blog. I'm not proud. I'll take anyone.


Azra said...

That's one phenomenon I will NEVER understand - how someone can be gay and then straight. Or bisexual. Bisexual men freak me out.

Colin said...

Never had the pleasure of knowing one . . .

CrisisWhatCrisis said...

Alas, Spain and severe noise pollution (to the point of insanity) are synonymous.

Alfred B. Mittington said...

That German religo-freak was an amateur. Philip II of Spain collected some 7500 for the Escorial. They are still there; although they make little noise...


Lenox said...

Wasn't me - though I notice that Spaniards use 'in fragante' for 'in flagranti'.

Candide said...

Given that there are so many Prepuces in circulation one wonders why there isn't a sect that gives out squid rings instead of the usual bread crumbs.

Calamares a la romana would gain a whole new meaning. But the congregation would have to switch to white wine for good taste.