Saturday, July 07, 2012

As in the UK and France, this has been a poor July in Galicia. In the words of a headline in the Voz de Galicia - An English summer has installed itself in Galicia. In sympathy, the English weather has turned to the Far East for inspiration. And has delivered deluges which resemble the monsoon rains of, say, Indonesia. Flooding is widespread and havoc has been wreaked on the Formula 1 race scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday. More seriously, since many (most?) Spanish families make their holiday bookings rather late, unless things improve quickly, the impact on Galicia bookings for August could be disastrous.

The electrician who stole the Codice from Santiago university last year is also accused of stealing from the collection boxes over the last 25 years. Appearing in court yesterday, he was accused of an 'offence against intimacy'. Or 'intimidad'. Anyone got a good translation of this?

How good to read that the Cruise-Brookes divorce has "hit Scientology where it hurts." I saw a reference today to Kolob, the star, or possibly planet, which is believed to be closest to the throne of God. And which astronomers have yet to locate. But this turned out to be a Mormon, rather than a Scientology, belief.

Which reminds me . . . I also learned today there's a British woman on Spanish TV who's celebrated as a medium, even though she can't speak a word of Spanish. At the risk of making her more famous, here's some garbage from her web page. I find it hard to contain my anger at what I see as exploitation of the vulnerable. But no doubt she would see things differently. The channel is Tele5, which is, I believe, part of Berlusconi's empire. Who presumably couldn't care less whether she's honest or not. So long as the viewing figures are good.

I regularly use the word 'Ta' for 'Thank-you' and thought this was a universal bit of shorthand. So I was a surprised recently when a reader asked me what it meant. I replied that is was Scouse for Thank-you and that I believed it was derived from a Scandinavian word. So it was good this evening to get confirmation from a charming young Finnish lady who's spending the summer next door at the lovely Ester's that the Swedish for Thank-you is tack. For those interested in knowing more Scouse, here's a dictionary.

My regular morning wi-fi café offers a coffee, a croissant and a (very) small glass of fresh orange juice for the price of 1.10 euros. This morning, though, I wasn't given any juice. When I pointed this out, the barista acknowledged this and, a minute or so later, put a normal glass of juice next to my coffee. "No," I said "I wanted the normal small glass." "I haven't done them," was the confounding reply. So it seems that orange juice is not provided at weekends. And, sure enough, I was charged for the glass I did or didn't ask for. You win some and you lose some.

Finally . . . I accepted the Guardian's challenge today to take the History quiz given to those who want to become British citizens. I obviously wouldn't be telling you this if I'd failed, but I was pleased to score 13 out of 15. So can keep my citizenship. Now I have to decide if I want to. Or if I prefer to become a Spanish citizen, based on more than ten years of residence.

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Ferrolano said...

I wonder if the answer to “what was the 21st of October, 1805” be the same in the British quiz as the Spanish one??

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