Sunday, July 29, 2012

Believe it or believe it not, today was the first time I've googled “colin pontevedra”. I've forgotten why. But, anyway, after a few references to my site and my blog, there was a link to “Colin in Pontevedra looking for a woman”. Naturally, I clicked it and saw some well-honed tyke called Edgar Bouzas. More interesting was the advert from someone in the town who's selling a (castrated) horse called 'Colin'. I ask you

More seriously, the El Mundo correspondent said of the Olympics opening ceremony - "I think that, despite all their mistakes, it has become clear that without the UK our lives would not be the same." Which, to use a very British phrase, is very nice to hear.

Nice-but-Noisy Toni had some relatives round for lunch today. The first indication of this was the absence of a parking place for me, even in front of my own garage. The second was the decibels coming from next door. And the third was the bloody Yorkshire terrier, put out in the garden, to bark incessantly. Not for minutes but for hours. Just as I finished recording its barking so I could play it back at one in the morning through the bedroom wall, a niece came out and I was able to ask her to take the dog in. Which she did. Before bringing it out again. But at least she stayed to play with it and keep it quiet. This, of course, leaves me with a dilemma around the recording.

I've often wondered why the Spanish for 'lamb' is 'cordero', as it bears no relation to the latin 'agnus'. And then today I went to a spit-roasting fiesta up in the hills and discovered that the Gallego for 'lamb' is 'año'. Anyway, this is what a spit-roast looks like.

And this is what a group of pretty young Spanish chicas looks like, when you ask them to smile.

Finally . . . Down in Nerja, an over-the-limit Brit left a bar and set off home, on the wrong side of the road. He then compounded his offence by knocking a local councillor off her scooter. Click here for more. If I'm not mistaken the background music is bloody Jingle Bells.


Alfred B. Mittington said...

As coincidence would have it, a barely concealed reference to your worthy self was also published yesterday in a splendid blog whose extraordinary author modesty forbids me to mention. But click here if you wish to take a look:


Colin said...

@Alfie. Yea, I saw that but lost track of what you were saying and jumped ahead . . .

Candide said...

Gosh, your posts are hilarious, Colin. Thanks a lot.

This post's biggest fun is actually in the link re the "caballo Colin", which also shows the "yegua Colina", worth about 6 times more than him.

Makes one think.

Colin said...

Thanks, Candide. Indeed it does make you think!

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