Thursday, July 26, 2012

I see North Korea's young dictator has a pretty young wife whom he's no longer keeping quiet about. As opposed to the 300 concubines whom he is. I see also that he has a razor cut on each side of his head. Rather like today's young beaus in the West. So, who's the trend setter here, and who the follower(s)?

Incidentally, Kim Jong Un's wife may or may not be the voice of this astonishing example of what's big on Korean MTV. It's called “Excellent Horse-Like Lady” and the words can be found here. Believe me, they're worth seeing.

I thought Argentina's President Kirchner was barrel-scraping when she turned up the heat on the Falklands/Maldivas issue but she's taken things to new heights/lows now. She's resurrected the image of Eva Perón and had it projected onto government buildings. Not satisfied with that, she's appeared at press conferences with her head framed by a metal outline of Perón's head. Smacks of necrophilia to me. Or at least necromancy.

Both of Spain's main political parties (the PSOE and PP) are to the right of their left and right wing equivalents in other western democracies. So it's only to be expected that the PP would at least threaten to row back the abortion measures introduced by the PSOE. Specifically, it wants to remove the provision that foetuses can be aborted where there is a congenital disease. The RC Church, of course, is all in favour of such foetuses being taken through to birth. Which reminds me, I read the national organ of the Church this morning – the ABC newspaper. I rarely do this but there was nothing else to read. I found the experience rather like reading what a medieval paper would have been like, if they'd had papers back then. There may not be many folk attending Mass even once a week but the Church retains the power to influence events. Possibly via its Opus Dei network of fellow flagellators.

This week in Britain, the biggest ever fines have been dished out to a Galician family – the Vidals – who were found guilty of "wholesale falsification of official documentation" amounting to a "systematic, repeated and cynical abuse of the EU fishing quota system over a period of 18 months. A flagrant, repeated and long term abuse of regulations. The fish targeted [hake] was at that time on the verge of collapse and adherence to quotas was seen as crucial to the survival of the species." Now, you'd think this would make it into the national newspapers here. Or at least the local rags. But, no. I can't find any reference to it. This reminds me I've been meaning to write a paragraph on corruption in Spain. But not tonight. Coming soon . . .

Finally . . . Here's the Galician Xunta's version of a corporate video. And I didn't think I was living in the Third World. Where all the women are devastatingly pretty. And everybody worships some unknown deity. I suppose this is an advance on the Catholic Church, at least.

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Ferrolano said...

Colin, absolutely wonderful. The link to the Red Pen of Doom and the “Rags to Riches” number by the North Korean starlet, Hyon Song Wol and her entrapment of Kim Jong Un is just great stuff – I am missing my time spent in South Korea and feel the need to return and share this gem of yours with the people of the RoK. All we now need to do is to find out how to contact the Spanish guy who works for the N Korean PR machine and get an exclusive for Thoughts from Galicia. Failing that, perhaps some film footage from one of the Inditex factories and let’s do a Galician version of the rags to riches horse woman. With some additional footage of Rapa das Bestas, a sure hit....

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