Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Some days are diamonds . . .Two lovely young ladies greeted me in town today. Meaning 4 kisses. Both called Cris. What are the odds on that, I wonder.

Talking of town . . . Amidst the swathes of boarded-up shops, there are some new ones which may be thriving. Prominent among these are the frozen-yoghurt places, of which there are at least 3 in the centre. And possibly more on the fringes. Beats me but I guess there's an element of fashion. After all, do we really need 6 or 7 kebab houses?

I've finished Brian Sewell's The Naked Pilgrim. The last scene sees him disrobing and burning his pilgrimage clothes on the beach at Finisterra/Fisterra. Whereafter, he takes a dip in the sea. Except he doesn't. This is done by his body double. Which is me. Honest. From the back, no one can tell. And I was cheaper than him.

Looking at a Spanish cyclist in the Olympics today, I noted he had España down the side of his thigh. As far as I can tell, all other countries are using the English version of their name. So, curious. And significant?

Which reminds me of a paragraph I read this evening in the autobiography of a comedy writer – David Nobbs:- “The three of us also went to Denmark, where Peter ordered drinks in his fluent German in a bar near the border. As we left, the barmaid heard us talking in English, chased us down the street, and said “Come back! I thought you were Germans. I've overcharged you terribly.”

Talking of the eurozone. . . Here's our Ambrose on the confrontation that's taking place – in August! - between voluble Germans and outspoken Italians. As it's a war of words, I guess the latter have a chance of winning this one.

And here's a rather plaintive overview of his country('Absurdistan') from a returning Spaniard. Fascinating.

God forfend! Veggie Square was blessedly devoid of accordionists this evening but just as I settled down to read the paper, along came a bloody harmonica player. Are we to be spared no torment this summer?

Warning: If you should get an email from a friend using your first name and exhorting you to “View this site – www90.africanssafari.net” don't bother. It's yet another dating

Finally . . . Click on this for an alternative view of Iran.

Finally, finally . . . This is the mural(graffiti?) on the wall alongside the drive up to Pontevedra's pilgrims' albergue. I've been meaning to snap it for a while. Enjoy! I shall explain its religious significance tomorrow.


CaroleH said...

Looking forward to your interpretation of the graffiti Colin... looks like a bed bug to me!

... add for the albergue?

Colin said...

Thanks, Carole. We're off to Vigo to sightsee today!

Colin said...

@Carole. Have added the final piece and now all is clear!

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