Saturday, August 11, 2012

Today's fiesta(s) . . .

Down below the Chapel of the Pilgrim Virgin (or Virgin Pilgrim) waiting for the Mass to end so they can get on with things.

Getting started, wearing traditional Galician costumes, as heavy as anything you might like to put on and rather more appropriate for a winter's day. Not temperatures around 25. Somebody later shot the accordionist.

A rather superior form of Morris dancing, in which the partners are admirably matched for height. And don't have any sticks.

Try to imagine bagpipes, drums and tambourines. But no violins. Or pianos.

At this point someone let off firecrackers in the adjacent square and more than half of the audience let curiosity get the better of them, even though they've heard firecrackers a thousand times before.

A very good day to be a florist. These, by the way, were not the smallest costumed bairns. There was at least one be-costumed baby in a push-chair

More little ones. With their floral offerings. And sauna clothing.

I'm guessing (cooperative) mother and daughter. The latter has yet to achieve a radiant smile.

At last the massed pipers! In costumes designed by that crazy English woman who's around 85.

A slightly disturbing pastiche. See tomorrow's post.

His mates. Though I've no idea who they represent. Apart from the Devil at the front. Is the second one really a Brazilian footballer, in a dress?
I'm rather more certain that this is a King and Queen, probably Ferdinand and Isabela, Los Reyes Católicos. After they'd been stretched on the rack.


Alfred B. Mittington said...

In tomorrow's texts, let's hear how we are to understand the inclusion of black people among vampires, aliens and mass-murdering Moors...

Is Pontevedra just a little bit backward perhaps?

Azra said...

Great pics Colin :)

Colin said...

Thanks, Azra. Just put captions to them.

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