Monday, September 03, 2012

By 11 this morning, there was hardly a trace of yesterday's festivities. Just about the only thing still visible was this edifice below. Whose sole purpose was to disguise an eyesore connected with restoration of the building behind it. Despite its prosaic origins, it's a fine example of the effort and creativity which go into this fiesta. Don't you just love the woman weaving at the window?

Here's somebody who came as Braveheart. Or possibly one of his brothers.

Here's another pseudo Scot. With a girlfriend who's not really trying to look medieval.

 That's it for fotos of the fiesta. Now for a couple of shops:-

This one sells - or used to sell - beds. Or "bed's". This is a strange error for a foreigner to make, unless he/she picked it up in the UK. Where it's all too common.

And this is a shop which will never go out of business, specialising as it does in Weddings, First Communions and Baptisms. Each of which events involves serious expenditure in Spain.

Finally, here's one of me, snapped by a visitor while trying to get an interesting foto during the Tour of Spain last week. El hombre de la mochila, as I'm known in Pontevedra. Well, that's what they tell me but there may be other nicknames of which I'm not aware. Truth to tell, I don't know any nickname I've been given during my life. Which is possibly a good thing.

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