Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Two things of note came to Pontevedra during the last few days. More accurately to my barrio of Boa Vista:-

1. 36m euros, won by a local gynaecologist and all those he gave parts of his Xmas lottery ticket to. Which didn't include me.


2. President Rajoy, who spent yesterday with his Pontevedra family and today came to lunch with his in-laws.

I spent several hours with Rajoy this afternoon, trying to put him straight on the management of Spain. He was a good  listener, so things should start improving pretty soon.

You heard it here first.


Ferrolano said...

And my comment is "no comment"

Azra said...

You should have asked your friend Rajoy for a resident visa for your other friend Azra ;)

Colin said...

I did. It's in process . . .

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