Saturday, March 23, 2013

Despite the snow and the freezing temperatures of an atypical British spring, I drove to an art exhibition this evening. As I crawled along the main roads, I wondered whether there'd be anyone there beyond me and the organisers. Or even that many, in fact, as I turned round and came back when I was but half-way there. By this time I was on the snow-laden side-roads and facing a long, steepish hill, on which the warning lights of a car blinked in the distance through the snowflakes. Discretion, as they say, is the better part of valour. Or, in this case, foolhardiness.

It's several years since I first heard the claim that Britain's energy strategy would inexorably lead to power shortages in 2015. Nobody seemed to take it very seriously back then and it certainly didn't lead to a change of government policy under which coal and nuclear have been run down in favour of other sources of energy. Click here for an informed view of the situation.

Spain: After months of reportage on the financial misdeeds of leading lights in the governing PP party, we now have accusations against the ex Minister for Public Works in the previous PSOE administration. The PP party will be delighted that their traditional Spanish response of Y tu más now has a bit of flesh on it but, in truth, the numbers don't yet compare. But it's a start. There's a Galician connection in that the businessmen said to have paid for pharmaceutical licences is from our region. Ill be interested to find out from where exactly, my guess being Porriño.

The EU and Cyprus: Click herefor an article entitled Southern Europe Lies Prostrate before the German Imperium. As you might expect, the author recognises that his view may well be a controversial one. And click here for Alfie Mittington's latest post on the subject. Keep your ears open for the sound of a trumpet being blown here.

I may have mentioned my mother's deafness. During the last 12 days of her relentless cough, her aural capability has not been augmented by her hearing aides, as she's opted not to wear them. Consequently I've had to shout everything and nearly always had to repeat the first attempt. And then there've been the frequent misunderstandings, such as this one as I left for Knutsford on Wednesday:-
OK. This is my UK mobile number. Please call me if you are contacted about the Probate.
What will you be doing at the toll-gate?

It makes for difficult conversation. Or nil conversation to be rather more accurate.

Finally . . . Here's Spanish Fiesta's view of the top ten cathedrals in Spain. 

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