Sunday, March 31, 2013

I can't say I've noticed but for the last 10 years Spain, under instructions from the EU, has been toughening up its laws against excess noise. Plenty of info on this here, if you'd like to know more.

Talking of odd laws . . . Thanks to a drafting error, telepathy has been cited by a recent law which defines how you may apply for Spanish citizenship. I made a start on this today and will let you know how it goes. I may make my tax declaration in the same way.

Shopping for a birthday gift for my mother today, I looked at some radios which resembled those of my childhood. These were labelled 'New Classic”. Which I assume to be a replacement for 'Retro'. Or even 'Old'.

I mentioned Ladies Day of the imminent Aintree race-meeting the other day. Here and here are what the Daily Mirror felt were the best and the worst outfits of last year's event. Or maybe the other way round.

Did Shakespeare write Shakespeare's plays? Or was it some other genius? Here's why 22 experts are sure that he did. Thank goodness. 

Britain is closing down its coal-powered plants while Germany is building more. Britain is importing highly expensive wood chips from the USA to burn in her plants but Germany isn't. Britain appears to be determined to rely on wind and sun power. Germany isn't. Guess who's got it right. But at least they've both decided to jack nuclear power.

It seems the Cypriot banks were heavily implicated in corrupt practices (which, in truth, sound rather Spanish). As it says here, “This may explain why the 'colleagues' took the action they did, possibly with the foreknowledge that this was not a straightforward bailout. Awareness of deep-rooted, systemic corruption could have dictated the path." Hmm. One wonders what they'll think when they finally get their hands on the Spanish economy.

Finally . . . While dining with my younger daughter in an excellent Thai restaurant tonight, I noticed that 6 Indian ladies had established themselves at one end of a table for 12, leaving the other seats empty. The men arrived some 10 minutes later and perforce occupied the the other half of the table, leaving the sexes quite separate. A coincidence? I think not.

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