Friday, May 24, 2013

In Pedrouzo tonight. Final stage tomorrow. A few more fotos. One of them not taken by me:-

Healthy chix,

Vacas gordas.

An English pub garden.

And some of its contents.

A pilgrim surprised at his siesta.

The haunted forest?

The famous praying sheep of Arzúa.

Perhaps this one.

A tourist information centre. Like most of them - closed.

Spot the new dish.


Sierra said...

Looks like you've had better weather than at the other end of the French way. Been in the Rocamadour region of France this week, and it's been cold and showery. It was 6degC when I left yesterday - 24degC when arrived in Lugo!

Colin said...

Indeed we have. I am quite burnt.

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