Thursday, July 25, 2013


So, the driver has been arrested. Inevitable in the circumstances - as it was with the Captain of the Prestige 10 years ago. Somebody has to be seen as the immediate blame-worthy party. No presumption of innocence on the basis that he might have been misled by a malfunctioning signal/control system. What driver would willingly imperil his own life by ignoring the restrictions?

The Spanish are among the world's best in donating body organs and they seem to be flooding towards the blood donation centres.

President Rajoy has appeared on TV, speaking about the tragedy. Thus scotching the rumours that, although head of the government and the state, he doesn't have the power of speech.

When listening to Galego, it's essential to remember that the language kept the Latin Fs, whereas Spanish converted them to Hs. So, the Spanish herido(injured) is ferido in Galego. Always throws me.

Which reminds me . . . Watching a EuroNews report earlier on, they had an English voiceover to a to-camera piece from a Portuguese correspondent. Do they not know the difference between these 2 Iberian languages in Brussels? It would seem not.


Diego said...

The driver has not been arrested, i`m not sure where you got this from.
He has been "imputado" which is not even the same as being accused of a crime.

Colin said...

It'd be good if you could define 'imputado' as it's a state which is not recognised by Anglo Saxon legal systems. Here's somebody'd definition but i have no idea how right or wrong it it. A question - by whom was the driver imputado? The police? Judge? If the latter, is it the police who initiate the process?

Someone “imputado” in connection with a crime is suspected of being involved and is summoned before a judge for questioning. They are entitled to have a lawyer with them and can refuse to answer questions, to cover-up the truth, or to lie. It does not mean that they are guilty of anything or that they've been charged with a crime. They form part of the legal process of the crime and are more than just witnesses. Often, they go on to be formally charged with involvement in the crime under investigation They can also be “desimputado”, which means that they are no longer suspect. Many people believe that the King´s daughter, Cristina, will be “desimputada”.

BTW - Being arrested doesn't mean you are guilty or that you will be charged with a crime.

Colin said...
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Colin said...

This article suggests that both the police and a judge will be involved. This is pretty close to being arrested and brought in for questioning by the police. Still not charged, still presumed to be innocent, etc.

Anonymous said...

Hi Colin,

"Imputado"in this case means there is direct involvement between this man and the accident. That is the reason he's being questioned by the authorities.

SF Bay Area

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