Friday, July 26, 2013

The Spanish y Tragedy 10

I posted commentary 9 a couple of hours ago and am now adding this:-

As you'd expect, the President's office put out a statement on the tragedy soon after it occurred. Unfortunately, it was a little too soon, as it provided incontrovertible evidence of copying and pasting from a similar statement two days earlier, in respect of an earthquake in China. This did not go down well.

As The Telegraph reported today:- "Mr Rajoy's office said that the prime minister 'would like, in the name of my government and of myself individually, to send my sincere condolences to the families of those who have lost their lives.' But the statement continued: 'I wish to convey my sympathy for the loss of life and the huge material damage that has resulted from the earthquake in Gansu.'

The statement was quickly corrected, but not before Spanish newspapers leapt upon the chance to ridicule their embattled leader. Mr Rajoy is under pressure for his response to a financial scandal which has seen the treasurer of his Partido Popular party in court, accused of setting up a slush fund with illegal donations distributed to party leaders. Mr Rajoy has been accused of receiving illegal payments – something he has repeatedly denied."

We may or may not see Mr Rajoy in Parliament next week. If we do, we may or may not see him speak. Or we may see one or more of his deputies responding to the accusations.

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