Thursday, August 08, 2013

The Mirror strikes back; Spanish atrocities in London; Gib yet again; Construction; and Fracking.

I guess I should've expected it in the light of the nationalistic fervour being drummed up by the discredited Rajoy government - Is there any other type of government in Spain? - but it was still a bit of a surprise to see both Elizabeth I and Francis Drake mentioned in a letter in El País yesterday. Albeit not in the context of Gibraltar.

As for British responses to Rajoy's inane balloon-flying in respect of The Rock, here's a nice one from The Mirror, entitled Naff off, Juan. Gibraltar is better British. HT to Lenox for this.

To add a bit of balance - again with a HT to Lenox - here's the web page of someone who chronicles life in London from a Spanish perspective. And here's his recent post on the atrocities committed there in the name of Spanish food. I'd just add that here in Spain the same sort of things are done to Chinese food (no ginger) and Indian cuisine (no cayenne pepper) to align them with Spanish tastes. Here in Galicia at least.

But back to Gib . . . Spanish ecologists have denounced Sr Rajoy as a hypocrite for criticising the artificial reef that's the casus belli on environmental grounds, pointing out the same thing's been done in 25 places along the Andalucian coast so as to create protective lagoons for sea-life. And the single Spanish fisherman affected - yes, there's only one - has said he wants dialogue and peaceful resolution and that he resents the government making use of his predicament. But this won't happen until after August, at the earliest. As is his wont, Rajoy won't say anything this month, unless he's asked about the quality of his cigar at next weekend's bullfights here in Pontevedra. Meanwhile, there's been a report that Rajoy was recorded telling one his ministers that, as his marriage was on the rocks and his government mired in the doo-doo, he had no option to resort to the 'Malvinas option'. Personally, I have the gravest doubts this is true, even if it's an accurate refection of reality. Which is what makes it so plausible, of course.

Talking about credit/discredit . . . Here's the recent ratings among Spanish politicians:-
President Rajoy - 25%
Leader of the Opposition, Rubalcaba - 31%
Rosa Diez, leader of UPyD party - 41%
Says it all, really.

But to be more positive . . . Interesting to read that the consortium chosen to build a new bridge over the river Mersey is led by the Spanish company, FCC. This, by the way, is described as a "Citizen Services Group", which foxes me. Perhaps it reads/sounds better in Spanish.

Here in Spain the construction industry is said to be 'still in free-fall'. Except just below my house, of course. Where the only house being built in Pontevedra now looks like this.

Which reminds me, I confirmed yesterday that one of the houses behind mine has finally been occupied. All the other 20 look like this. 

Not quite the urban wastelands of Madrid and elsewhere but just as depressing for me, especially as they took 6 years of noise, dust and inconvenience to build. And cost us new contenadores. But that's another story.

Finally . . . A prediction: Within the next year or so, we'll see Un fracking enter the Spanish language, to go with Un lifting, Un parking, Un footing, Un spinning, etc. It will mean the place where fracking is being carried out.


Sierra said...

You're behind the times:

Sierra said...

P.S. re. airports:

Colin said...

Yes, but I predicted 'un fracking', a noun from the gerund meaning a place where the activity is taking place. Not fracking itself as an activity.

Yes, was going to cite the various articles on CR airport but ran out of space. Tomorrow then.

Anonymous said...

Colin, Gib. - You are right - Nothing like dreaming up an adversary to get a politician out of the doo-doo, the sheeple will loyally head in one direction - Aka the Emmanuel Goldstein effect.

FCC - What is there to be foxed about "Citizen Services Group"? - They spend our taxes constructing stuff for councils & governments.

As for "We are a company committed to improving people's well-being", that must come from their Mission Statement blather - Enough to fox the keenest brain.

Fracking - I read that Spain has 80yrs of gas reserves - Also that Spain’s richest shale gas reserves are in the northern region of Cantabria, but back in April 2013 the local Cantabrian government, worried that such activities may pollute their drinking water, implemented the country’s first fracking ban.

The three anti-fracking crusaders are now preparing to take their campaign throughout Spain. "If the trucks come, I will be the first one to throw myself on the highway to stop them," said Mayor Saiz.

Who needs to invent adversaries when they thrust themselves upon you?


Perry said...


The first experimental use of hydraulic fracturing was in 1947, and the first commercially successful applications were in 1949. As of 2010, it was estimated that 60% of all new oil and gas wells worldwide were being hydraulically fractured.[3] As of 2012, 2.5 million hydraulic fracturing jobs have been performed on oil and gas wells worldwide, more than one million of them in the United States.

Rahoy is rsing about in the hope that Gib will jibe with his opponents. Some hope; chickens do come home to roost & the EU, up with this. will not put. It'll end, without a preposition.

All the best,


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