Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Gib sense; Veils; The Spanish timetable and clock; Pretty actresses; Construction; and Cakes.

With the onset of autumn, there really has been an outbreak of common sense on the thorny issue of Gibraltar. HT to reader Ferrolano for this article in his local paper. It's hard to disagree with much of what the writer says but it's noticeable that he fails to point out that the fishing resented by the Gibraltarians has been taking place where even Spanish maps designate it illegal. Whoever really owns these waters is a separate issue.

There continue to be commentaries in the British press on the wearing of a niqab or burqa, including this article by a British Asian woman who wore a niqab for a day, in order to experience treatment at the hands of non-Muslims. As ever, the comments were at least as interesting as the article itself and I particularly liked this one from reader Dave Jones: "You don't exist if you wear a niqab. Basically you are telling the world that you are some bloke's property, that you are pathetic and are a doormat. 
I think what's needed is for the niqab to be adopted by the gay community: a load of mincing drag queens in niqabs in Maida Vale and Saudi Kensington would completely bring it into disrepute."

As mentioned, a Spanish parliamentary commission is looking at the case for altering the country's crazy horario. It'll come as no surprise to hear that that, despite working longer hours than other Europeans, the Spanish achieve lower productivity. Good luck to the politicos in this. I may be being unduly pessimistic here but I can't see the Spanish being eager to change. At least not quickly and brutally. Perhaps piecemeal. Assuming that's feasible.

And talking of the clock . . . What's also being examined is the case for Spain moving to GMT, alongside its northern and southern neighbours, Britain and Portugal. Or should I say 'moving back', as Spain used to be on GMT before that all-round bad bugger, Sr Franco, thought it'd be a good idea to shift it to Central European Time, as he was fonder of Germany than Britain. More on all this here.

The latest list from The Local is of Spain's Top Ten most beautiful actresses. Which is worth a cursory glance. I'm ashamed to say I don't know most of them. Though I have already posted, I think, this clip of Sara Montiel strutting her stuff in Pontevedra's old quarter. And not getting her umbrella wet despite the (noisy) downpour.

Walking in the northern outskirts of the Pontevedra recently, I discovered there still are construction cranes operating in the city, albeit on building 'social properties', funded I guess by taxpayers and not private companies.

I say 'operating' but neither of these cranes were at work when I walked by the flat block being raised. In fact, no one seemed to be working there.

Further towards town, I was surprised to come upon a new outlet of a popular cakeshop-cum-cafe chain, Acuña. I was, though, less surprised to see, 5 yards away, that one of my regular wi-fi cafés had closed.

Finally . . . For one reason and another, I seem to have developed strong procrastinatory tendencies. But I am resolute. As of tomorrow, this will stop.

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Ferrolano said...

The test of time will determine who can join Sarita on the podium of Spain's top ten women....

BTW, I was not doing too well at recognising the different parts of Pontevedra. I obviously need to spend more time walking the streets of Pontevedra or watch the film clip a few more times.