Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Street names; Fun with numbers; And with bank transfers; & Lovely Spaniards.

The Malaga hotel I stayed in last night was is Calle Moby Dick. I wonder whether there's another one anywhere else in the world.

More fun with my (expired) residence card: In the hotel in Aranjuez the guy at reception queried it and, misunderstanding him, I said it didn't matter it had expired as my number was still the same. He replied that the problem wasn't that it was no longer valid - which was of no concern to him - but that he needed to know when it had been issued. So I guessed at a date and he entered this in the hotel computer. Here in Malaga, the girl at reception entered the date of expiry as the date of emission. Which all rather questions - yet again - why all this paperwork is being generated.

And talking of fun with numbers . . . I tried last night to make a transfer from one of my bank accounts to the other but was told - 5 times - that the password was wrong. So I then tried to change my password and to re-instate the one I thought it had been. But I was told that I couldn't have a new one that was the same as the old one. In other words, that the password had been correct all along. So I added a letter at each end. And was told the same thing. So I added another letter at each end and was finally told it was OK and I could make the transfer. Each of these attempts, by the way, involved using a code sent to my phone. Taking up half an hour of my time. I guess it makes sense to someone.

Finally . . . a lovely Spanish vignette. My elder daughter and I went down to the hotel restaurant this morning and asked if we could just have a coffee and not the the 13 euro breakfast. 'Of course you can', we were told. I left before my daughter but this is the conversation she had when leaving:-
How much is it for 2 coffees?
You are invited [They're free]
Oh. Are you sure?
SeƱorita, we are in Spain!


Ferrolano said...

WE recently experienced the same morning coffee treat when staying at an hotel in Madrid - so perhaps it is a Spanish thing, in the same way that completing useless reams of paperwork when checking in.

Unknown said...

Getting ready to spend 3 weeks in July in the Pyrenees in July, I have enjoyed ready your observations. I live in the U.S. and are surprised how may Brits live abroad. Our hiking trip starts in Plan and ends in Bilbao. My wife and I hope to spend 4 days in Galicia.
Have a nice Christmas.

Colin Davies said...

Thank-you, David. Very kind of you to write. Enjoy your trip and your time in Galicia. And have a great Christmas. Or "Winter Festival" as many call it in the UK.

Anonymous said...


Stayed at the Malaga Picasso last year. No more than a 5 min walk from yours in Calle Moby Dick and ideal for the airport.

The Picasso is smaller, all at ground level, with no sea views, but highly recommended.


Colin Davies said...

Thanks, Q1-10. Will take a look at that for the night of 30.12. Tho' the Tryp was very commodious, my daughters having the biggest hotel room I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...


Sorry, just checked and Hotel Malaga Picasso is fully booked for 30 Dec – 31 Dec (1 night, Mon–Tue) - Barring cancellations. Why don't you pop in and turn on the charm?

It's very good and very popular - They push their prices at the last minute, so need to plan.

Rooms are quite adequate, but not "commodious". Picaresque rogues would desire a whole lot more space in order to wave their arms around - Do you do that?

Happy Christmas to you, Q1-10