Wednesday, January 08, 2014

The summoned princess; The king's lousy speech; Abortions for us but not for you; It's raining hailstones; & Words of wisdom?

I don't suppose the palace spokesman who pleaded a couple of days ago for the acceleration/termination of the judicial process really expected the judge to announce he was summoning Princess Cristina to a hearing in early March. But this is what happened yesterday and things don't look good for her. Even if she does continue to have the Public Prosecutor and Tax Office on her side, insisting she's done nothing that merits investigation. Brave judge. Or at least a determined one.

The other blow to a monarchy already on its knees was a dire performance by the king in his address to the military on Monday, where he hesitated, stammered and repeated parts of the text. The odds on him abdicating soon have surely shortened. Perhaps a tad surprisingly, his son the crown prince still retains his popularity with the Spanish people. Though this could change if his reported marital difficulties result in divorce.

Talking of reports . . . El País tells us that the wife of the Spanish president has had not just one but two abortions, one of them as late as 6 months. Not surprisingly, the man who's now driving the abortion law revisions has been labelled a hypocrite.

We're all familiar with stories of hailstones the size of tennis balls. Or golf balls as least. Well, the storm that hit Pontevedra last week - and which I missed - certainly seems to have deserved the description. All of my (plastic) drainpipes are riddled with large holes. And even more tiles have disappeared from the roof. So now I'm gearing up for a battle with the insurance company.

Tidying up my book shelves, I came across something I bought many years ago - The Little Green Book of the Sayings of Ayotollah Khomenei of Iran- The man who effectively deposed the Shah in 1979. Contrary to appearances, this is not a spoof but a genuine collection of the old man's dicta. I thought I'd quote them one by one over the coming weeks. So, here's the first one:-

During joint prayer the woman must position herself behind the man. If the woman and the man enter the place of worship at the same time and the woman happens to find herself in front of the man, she must say her prayer again, after placing herself where she belongs, i. e. behind the man.

Perhaps I should stress that Iranians are Shia Moslems, not Sunni. Attitudes may be different among the latter. Though I doubt it.


Anonymous said...


No comments again? Oh dear.

To prevent me skimming over your future royal passages, you will have to tell me and the multitude of your faithful readers WHY THE SPANISH ROYALS ARE IMPORTANT enough for you to mention them.

Do they hold a secret fascination for you, which drives your fingers over your keyboard?

As a Brit, maybe your parents instilled the importance of royalty into you, by incessantly droning on about them, when you were in the pram?

Maybe your priest, who I hope did not fondle you too much, told you of their value and almighty origin?

If so, please come clean, your readers need to understand this feature of your character, in order to feel remorse for your continual droning on. In short, if you persist, we need to feel sorry for you – Or we’ll just click that big X at the top R corner of the screen.

OK, the abortion debate is of importance – Spain has returned to the dark ages – Fair enough, we understand – Then, there you go again – More bloody royals. Why? What is there in you that does this – We need to feel sympathetic Colin, but we need your help to understand you.

One by one sayings of Ayotollah Khomenei over the coming weeks? – Oh God no – What on earth for? ONCE AGAIN we will need to SYMPATHISE with you to accept this.

Please let us know WHY. Just because you found a book on your bookshelf? No, can’t be that.

Because you think each saying is total CRAP? If so, you need to tell us so. But if so, WHAT’S THE BLOODY POINT OF IT? We know and fully understand these people’s culture is totally, diametrically different to ours, as to seem total nonsense. SO WHY BOTHER WRITING IT DOWN, DAY AFTER DAY AFTER DAY, IN YOUR otherwise excellent blog?

You are clearly a gentleman of refined learning and understanding of the world – Let’s see some of that bursting forth from your pen. You can’t have given up on the world, only to sit back swigging coffee in your Pontevedra Café, watching the girls go by, grumbling at the world?

You may be old, but get up from your backside and use the talents you were born with to integrate with society and right the wrongs as you encounter them. THEN WRITE ABOUT YOUR SUCCESSES WITH PRIDE – Wow, that would be really worth reading.

Happy New Year, Q1-10

Bill said...

I thought this a highly-amusing article (as usual).

As for the previous commenter, well we all have a choice - to read or not to read Colin's blog. I don't read it every day (or at least I have not done so lately), but when I do dip in usually find it pretty interesting if quirky.

On the general blogging thing, people write precisely what they choose to in their own blogs, although I expect the offer of oodles of cash, spondulax, the readies, etc, might persuade Colin to write the articles you want him to write, and not to write the articles you don't want him to write, but until then I expect he will continue on his merry way. Actually, I have no idea what the author of this blog thinks about this - my earlier comments are simply speculation on my part ;) said...

I like the blog, personally. And as another expat who lives in Spain, I am interested in the royals because the people around me are interested in the royals. I am American-born, my parents didn´t brainwash me, unless fairy tales with princesses in them qualifies. Like em or not, royals are a very real part of the Spanish consciousness, and as people who live among Spaniards, it behooves us to watch.
Besides, they wear interesting clothes, and say the same vacuous crap everyone else does, but they are somehow untouchable. That is interesting.
I find the Khoumeini quotes a bit puzzling, though. Just one of those is plenty enough for everyone to say, "wow, Islamic wackos." And saying that one time is plenty enough.
Keep up the good work, Colin!

Colin Davies said...

My thanks to you both. I'm not at all sure what our friend wants, though he appears to share certain sentiments with a previous malcontent, Moscow. But, as Bill say, he/she has the option to stop reading.

markonsea said...

It's interesting to be told that "your readers need to understand this feature of your character", because I have never felt such a need at all. Who are these readers, I wonder?

I do feel a bit of a need to understand how a kingship once placed on a pedestal as a "saviour of democracy" has gone so wrong; but that's something else. But Spain likes Felipe, it seems, in much the same way the UK looks forward to Willums ineriting the British crown.