Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Big lies; Ceuta quandary; Galician corruption; The mad Spanish timetable; & Bloody Telefónica

A coincidence? I wonder. The day after I cite Hitler's preference for the big lie, it appears in this article by a British eurosceptic. On the other hand, as he regularly writes about the EU, he'll know a thing or two about big lies.

The Spanish government has responded aggressively to the EU request for information about the incident in Ceuta in which 15 people died after rubber bullets were fired at them. "Stop criticising us and help us to solve the problem of illegal immigrants", it demanded. To which one possible response is - "Help yourselves: Get out of Africa". (Before any Spanish reader takes offence . . . I think Gibraltar should be returned to Spain as well. And yes, I know Ceuta and Gibraltar are 'different'. At least in Spanish eyes, if not to the rest of the world. And certainly not to the Moroccans.)

The Pokemón corruption caseI read a dew days ago that the Galician President, Sr Feijoo, had said something like he was sorry this had happened but he wasn't going to take any action. Yesterday the Voz de Galicia cartoonist put it this way.

Dimisóns is Gallego for 'Resignations'.

Another big corruption case going through the Galician courts - what on earth will these do when all the dirty linen has been washed? - is that of the Board of the NovaGalicia Bank, as it's now called. These gentlemen allegedly defrauded the owners by a mere €19m via some fraudulent manoeuvre, enriching themselves at the same time. Which represented 10% of the bank's net worth. You almost have to admire their chutzpah

You may be crazy but you're all mine! The Spanish daily timetable (horario) is at least 2 hours behind that of the rest of the world. It doubtless makes for inefficiency as it involves a 2-3 hour break in the middle of the day. I say 'middle' but this break usually begins at 2pm. And it means trips to or from the office to home 4 times a day. Which is hard to justify. A campaign has been started to bring Spain's horario into line with that of others and - equally radical - move the clock back one hour to where it was before Franco decided to align it with Germany and not Spain's natural partners - Portugal and Britain. The government made positive noises about all this last September, and promised action. But nothing has yet been done. A small indication of what it's up against is these comments from one office worker:- “Reduce lunchtime? No, I’m completely against that. It's one thing to eat. It's another thing to nourish oneself. Our culture and customs are our way of living. But a shorter nap might be acceptable." This chap is only 26 but firmly already set in his (Spanish) ways. More here

Finally . . . Telefónica has announced plans to invest some €200 million in creating high-speed fibre and 4G networks in Andalucia. As I sit here struggling with a download speed of 0.4-0.7megas you can appreciate how thrilled I am to hear that.

The Environment
January: 31 days. On which it rained: 28 - 93% 
February: 19 days. On which it has rained: 19 - 100%. 
So, 47 out of 50 - 94%, and rising.

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