Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spanish wine.

A conversation at with my favourite British wine merchant, who just happens to have his store in Hoylake:

So, where do you keep your Spanish reds?
Ah, my speciality. Step this way.
Have you got a Vega Sicilia left?
Yes, I've got a couple. They're 200 quid each but I'll give you a 50 quid discount if I can come and drink them with you.
Maybe next year.
Here's a bottle that comes from the same area in the Ribera del Duero region and is very reasonably priced.
OK. I'll take that on your recommendation. And I need a bottle of Godello white.
How about one of these?
I bought a different one last time.
Ah, I've gone none left. They've stopped exporting. But this one is as good, called Crego e Monaguillo.
Do you know what monaguillo means?
No, I speak Spanish but I must admit I don't.
Well, it means 'altar boy'. And so the picture is of a man with his arm round an altar boy.
God, no. I've been selling that for more than 10 years! How embarrassing.
Actually, it could be worse since the name of the wine isn't in Spanish; it's in Gallego. And I don't know what 'Crego' means. Hang on! Using The Rule of L/R and The Rule of the Missing Letter(s), my guess is it's the Gallego equivalent of 'Clerigo'. So the name of the wine is 'Cleric and Altar Boy'. Or 'Priest and Altar Boy'.
Oh, my God! It gets worse. This has to go on my web page. My Spanish relatives will be highly amused.
And I have to put it in my blog . . . .


Perry said...

Oh Colin,

Trust you to have a vinous epiphany in Hoylake, which I agree has interesting architecture & town layout.

Straw yellow with light golden, clean, transparent and brilliant touches. Good tear?

Intensity and quality of primary flavours, lemon and orange citrus, white fruits, apple, tropical fruit, mango, pineapple and floral, pink and white flowers.
Good structure and light grease texture, good lubricity, surround and light, sweet, fresh and fruity. Fruity after taste and a long finish.

Priest & altered boy indeed.


Perry said...

it really is very good wine. It is made by a diocesan priest who owns the family vineyard, whose former altar boy grew up to become a vintner. True story.

"Good lubricity" indeed.

paideleo said...

En Galicia hai o dito de que o millor viño do crego sempre o bebe o monaguillo.

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