Thursday, May 29, 2014

Art; Cars; Trains, & Headlines

So, that masterpiece of modern art, Tracey Emin's dishevelled bed, is up for sale at a million euros or more. This is said to be iconic "because it is universally familiar and embodies the irreverent, boundary-breaking thrust of British art in the Nineties." How future generations will laugh at this tosh.

My neighbour Toni - Nice but Noisy - kindly invited me round to celebrate his birthday on Sunday. At several decibels above the norm, he told me that, at the car fair in Pontevedra last week, only one dealer sold more than a single car. And, in most cases, not even that. Except for Audi, who moved 22 of their models. His explanation was that this was the make of choice for the numerous functionaries who populate the local municipal and provincial councils. Crisis? What crisis?

I picked up some friends today at the railway station. The trains to and from La Coruña were shown on the board to be arriving at the same time. Happily, this didn't actually happen.

Finally . . . A few headlines from my news feed:

Spain slammed over home evictions record

Spain one of Europe's terror hotspots

Spain remains tops in Europe's cocaine rankings

But, thank God:

Spain's recovery here to stay - Says the IMF


Sarah Erwin said...

I can't blame those who choose the Audi models. Aside from body frames that are designed to prevent corrosion, they're also the champion of inline-five cylinder. This engine allowed fuel economy and power. Moreover, their racing models lead their way to success in some circuit races.

Sarah Erwin @ Baldwin Subaru

Anonymous said...

Any Ford products in the group?

SF Bay Area

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