Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Podemos; Political parties old and new; Greedy medics; & Buying Brits.

Nigel Farage certainly triumphed in the UK's EU elections - far more in fact than he did in the local elections on the same day - but here in Spain the laurels went to a one-man party set up only 3 months ago - Podemos ('We can') of Pablo Iglesias. See here for a profile of a man said to have stunned the Spanish political establishment by coming fourth and gaining 5 seats in Brussels. What next, one wonders.

Which reminds me . . . If were to ask you what was the biggest political party in Spain on the eve of the Civil War in 1936, you might well say the Falange. But this, in fact, was tiny and the largest party by far was the anarchists. Of whom there aren't many around these days.

The leader of Spain's opposition Socialist party, Alfredo PĂ©rez Rubalcaba, has resigned after the party's failure to win the EU elections. Call me trivial but it can't have helped that Sr Rubalcaba, though smart, is not the most telegenic politician on the block.

Is nothing sacred in Spain? Down in Algeciras, the police have arrested 84 doctors for charging up to €50 for death certificates that should have been free.

Finally . . . The media has it that Brits - especially retirees - have returned to the Spanish property market, armed with a strengthening pound and faced with a glut of cheap properties being offloaded by Spain's biggest estate agency - the banks. Let's hope this time round more of them take objective legal advice and don't "leave their brains at the airport".

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Perry said...


Stupid is are stupid does. As you point out, Brits thinking of purchasing properties in Spain should case the joint before parting with their hard earned case. There is a business opportunity for you to offer advice for remuneration. Call your business "Caveat Emptor"; anyone who doesn't understand the meaning of the phrase, deserves to be fleeced by the Spanish notaries.

"Hundirse o Nadar" could be another name?