Thursday, June 19, 2014

A mixed news day; A noisy last supper; Odd items; & PINs for some.

So, Spain has a new king (and queen) but has gone out of the World Cup in the first round. Bit of a mixed day, then. I expect tomorrow will be a tad gloomy. And, allegedly, €500m will be lost to the economy as folk stay at home over the next few weeks

Incidentally, none of the new queen's relatives are attending the handover ceremonies; they're all confirmed republicans. As she may well have been before finding her prince.

At our final Camino dinner in León last night, we were pleased to happen upon a place with a decent menú del día in a quiet dining room. As we were congratulating ourselves on this, a group of 12 local women came in, making so much noise my stunned colleagues were incredulous. As the waiter took our orders, I chose to shout mine to him, at which he was good enough to laugh. None of the women even noticed, of course.

One of the items on our menu was Tuna on a bed of suwich. Anyone got a better guess than 'sewage'? Another item had been liofilizado in Spanish and liofilised in English. Which appears to mean 'freeze-dried'.

Did I mention that León's Avenida de General Sanjuro has become an extension of Gran Via de San Marco in the last few years? Not before time.

Finally . . . Chip & Pin: The mystery deepens. All my British colleagues this week were allowed to use their PINs when paying bills, while I still had to sign a chit. So the technology really is in use in Spain. So, is it a question of banks? I will ask mine.


Sierra said...

Had no problems with Chip & Pin (Sabadell) - can't remember the last time I was asked to sign

Diego said...

My card goes from PIN to signature depending on the machine i use it with. This is a Spanish card so who knows.

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