Saturday, June 07, 2014

Corruption; Irresponsibility; RT humour; Entresomething or other; & Teenage angst.

After years of exposure, the stench of corruption hovers every administration in Spain - at local, provincial, regional and government level. Which is a tad unfair, as one or two might of them be quite honest. Not so the Santiago municipal authority, though, which seems to have been paralysed by the conviction of 7 of its members for prevaricación. The mayor, though, is refusing to resign. This not being standard procedure in Spain.

On the same theme . . . Sensitised by events down in Andalucia, as I walked past a flashy new office of a training organisation today, I wondered whether it really was a genuine business or yet another scam designed to siphon off EU funds.

Like English, Spanish has both responsible and irresponsible. But the latter doesn't mean 'reckless, rash, careless', etc. but simply 'not responsible'. Much more logical.

When I have nothing better to do - e. g. when I'm washing the dishes or cooking - I listen to RT, the Russian government's TV channel. Its slant on international news is, shall we say, consistent. More or less what Mr Putin would want you to hear. So, this evening, it was banging on about the absence of that fundamental right - freedom of the press - in Ukraine. An emphasis which would doubtless reduce Pussy Riot to tears.

I sometimes see the letter E on the list of floors in a list. This stands for the mezzanine floor, called entresuelo in Spanish. But the word that always springs to my mind is entrepierna, or 'crotch'.

I feel very sorry for Spain's 17/18 year old's this week. They had their end-of-college baccalaureate exams last week and the coming week they have 3 intensive days of 6 Selectividad exams. The grading seems remarkably complicated to me but you can make up your own mind after reading about here.

Finally . . . I'm off on my third (semi) camino tomorrow morning, starting in Bilbao. Service may be a tad patchy.


Sierra said...
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Sierra said...

Ref: the camino

Was in Samos this week. There was a coach-load of Germans in town. Wonder if last year's story of Hitler seeking refuge at the Abbey after the war was responsible. These tourist offices will try anything!

Perry said...

Terry Pratchett defines "entrepierna" as "inna fork". As for your stroll down Bilbao's way, I offer you comfort with "Walking back to happiness" by Helen Shapiro or "These boots are made for walking" by Nancy Sinatra, which should circulate in your mind------------endlessly. Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

irresponsable = reckless

every Spanish speaker knows it

rebekah said...

If you find yourself out on the meseta, be sure to stop in Moratinos for a tiffin!

Colin Davies said...

Yes, but I'll only meet Ian and Carole a week early . . .

Anonymous said...

"Like English, Spanish has both responsible and irresponsible. But the latter doesn't mean 'reckless, rash, careless', etc. but simply 'not responsible'".

I can't agree, no matter what journalist -who usually misuse Spanish and even more so Galician- say. Just imagining my mom saying to me something like “Eres un irresponsable” (You have been reckless) makes me feel bad.

Miguel Costa

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