Thursday, June 12, 2014

Heard on the camino:-

[Getting into the taxi] So, where is this taking us?
Nowhere. If you remember, we're walking the camino. This is taking the bags to our next hotel.

So, what do all these items on the menu mean.
What I've just said they mean. Weren't you listening?
Yes. But I wasn't taking it in.

Our waitress last night was an engaging young Rumanian lady, with a nice line in humour. Presumably she's prepared to work for less than the locals. Despite being able to speak English as well as Spanish.

Back in the Spanish parliament, 82% of them have approved the king's abdication and his son's accession. The opposition Socialist party - which has republican roots - threatened to fine any of its MPs €600 if they voted against the motion. Which doesn't really smell democratic, does it?

Finally . . . Going into the dining room at our hostel tonight, I asked the waitress to switch off the TV in the corner. After she'd got over her shock at this request, she replied: "OK. But I'll have to put it back on the minute anyone else comes in."

Dinner, by the way, comprised of 10 dishes with chips and 4 with lettuce. All the latter were fish dishes. A bit ironic for Brits.

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