Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Camino

Watching the build-up to the (disastrous) return-match between Spain and Holland last night, I caught a glimpse of a couple of Spanish fans with mortar-style hats on which were perched a pair of monkeys. So, what was all that about? Surely not another reference to the colour of the skin of some of the Dutch players.

You certainly see all sorts on the Camino - from the ebullient souls who are your best friend no sooner than you've exchanged greetings to the shy types who can just about raise a smile and a Hello the third morning you bump into them. And then there are those doing it on a donkey cart. Or just a donkey.

And, if you stay in hostels adjacent to truck parks, you'll surely see some of Spain's numerous Clubes. Or Pub, as the one in Alesón grandiosely called itself. Talking to the owner of restaurant near to Belorado today, she laughed at the idea the nearby Club was closed because it was midday. "No," she said. "The girls all got old and it closed down."

Which reminds me . . . Having ignored it for eons, the Spanish government has now decided to bring prostitution into the tax net - along with smuggling and drug-dealing. God know how they're going to do this but it'll be interesting to watch.

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