Thursday, July 31, 2014

Catalan dreams; The King Son?; Annoying curs; English lessons? Gaza; & Pricey books.

Nothing emerged from the meeting between the presidents of Spain and Cataluña yesterday, apart from statements offering differing interpretations of it. So, the November 9 referendum on independence is still on, regardless of the fact that Madrid say it won't happen.

Well, we'll soon know whether the ex-king of Spain will have to sit through a paternity suit. After the rapid grant of legal protection after his abdication, only the Supreme court can hear cases against him and we now await their decision on whether they have jurisdiction. But I think we know what the answer will be.

The use of dogs at the Commonwealth Games to lead out the various teams has upset the Malaysians. They saw it as disrespectful to Muslims. It has to be said it seems relatively easy to do this. Especially during the fasting month of Ramadan. It upset me too: they were Scotties and I dislike all small dogs.

For the second evening in succession, I went down to the community pool at 6 this evening, to talk to my lovely neighbour, Ester, in English. And for the second evening in succession, there wasn't a word of English spoken. For I found her talking to my other lovely neighbour, Amparo. There then started a heated discussion - is there any other in Spain? - between them and a third neighbour, Kuki, on insurance cover. I have to admit I initiated this as I'm reviewing my policy and I need to know that the community insurance covers and what I have to cover. After more than an hour, there was total confusion on this issue.

The latest issue of the British satirical magazine, Private Eye, carries a spoof biblical section on the war in Gaza:- And they debated amongst themselves what should be done to bring peace back to the land that is called Holy due to it being wholly impossible to bring peace unto it. Ain't that the truth.

Finally . . . I ordered a few books today. Real books, I mean. Not ebooks. Anyway, one particular book was priced: Kindle 1.99. Hardback new 94.44. Used hardback 0.01. Paperback new 167.00. Paperback used 6.68. I ordered the used hardback at 0.01, in preference to the paperback at a mere 167 quid. Can anyone make sense of this? Are computers given the run of the place at Amazon UK?


Ferrolano said...

And the scribbles in the borders come free!

Sierra said...

You're lucky if you can order a Kindle book from Amazon UK - for some inexplicable reason (possibly copyright issues) I can only order from Amazon Spain or USA

Colin Davies said...

Ah, well. I haven't tried yet!

sp said...

Yep, it's algorithms that set the prices. Sometimes they get carried away.