Friday, July 18, 2014

Spanish nurses; The Third Republic?; Guard duty; Blood & Gore; & The Caliphate.

Looking today at the marks required for entry into Galician universities, I noted again that Nursing ranked in the top 5 in each institution. A local friend said this was a regional thing but the same thing applied at Madrid's Complutense university. There, both Nursing and Physiotherapy ranked above Pharmacy and Law. So, there must be some pretty clever nurses around Spain. And some clever pretty nurses.

Various groups and political parties across Spain are promoting a petition for a referendum on the issue of whether the (discredited) monarchy should be replaced by another republic. Their aim is more than 500,000 signatures by the end of the year. Of course, the major parties will ignore whatever they achieve but it's certainly worth the effort.

I finally got to see the Egyptian artefacts in Pontevedra's museum, with my friends Phil and Anthea from Vigo. We were a little unsettled to be followed from room to room by a security guard. My thought was that Phil and Anthea probably looked a bit shifty but decided it was more likely the poor man was simply bored.

I've said that fotos in the Spanish media can be rather more graphic that those in the UK. This week there was a picture of one of the guys gored during the last bull run in Pamplona. For a few seconds, I wondered why he had a pizza on his thigh but it turned out to be mottled flesh under the skin which had been ripped off by a horn. Gruesome.

Finally . . . I liked the description in Private Eye this week of the chap who says he heads up ISIS - The Man Who Puts the Hate in Caliphate.


Azra said...

According to this article, Edward Snowden's leaked NSA documents reveal that the British and American intelligence and Israeli Mossad worked together to create the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS):

Colin Davies said...

I read a number of articles last week which claimed to prove that the secret services of the USA, Britain and Israel were responsible for 9/11. My response, as with this one, is the common-sense one of 1. Why on earth would they? and 2. (as with the 'proven' non-landing on the moon) would they really be 100% sure it wouldn't get out? Particularly as the secret services don't trust each other. For very good reason. 3. Why on earth would the USA secret service need to involve the British secret service any more than, say, the French secret service?

Colin Davies said...

BTW - Global Research appears to be a one-person band in Reading.

Azra said...

Oil. Everything done in the name of oil. I wouldn't be surprised if the US were behind 9/11 - various mitigating factors support this (eg. it was after 9am - a time when everyone should have been at work but there were less than 2000 people in building) and also taking into account that they needed a reason to go to war... so 9/11 became an excuse for war on "terror" and weapons of mass destruction that never existed - and in some twisted way became a war in Iraq for oil...

The US have threatened countries before for Oil.

In addition, everything, from ISIS to the warring factions in Asia could very well be funded by the very people who benefit as long as countries don't stand united.

Colin Davies said...

Are you up to speed on how little the USA now relies on foreign sources of oil? Thanks to shale and fracking?

Azra said...

I think they are more dependent than what they let on.

Perry said...

Oh Azra!

Sometimes it is better to be thought uninformed, than to write & confirm the fact. Of course you may have your own opinions, but you cannot have your own facts.

Sorry about that,


Azra said...

@Perry -

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