Saturday, July 05, 2014

Various Saturday items

The ex-Minister for Development in the infamous Andalucian government is, like every Spanish politician, suspected of fraud and corruption. So, nothing unusual there. But she'd become the VP of the European Investment Bank - having, like a good Spanish politician, denied everything and held out while protesting her innocence. But now she's resigned, though not as a result of the houha. It's simply, she says, because the Spanish Prime Minister wants to put someone in her place. And who could blame him? Though he usually stands by his friends, whatever they're accused of. And should they nonetheless go to jail, he pardons them before the ink is dry on the judge's summary. Así son las cosas.

A Tour de France commentator midday today in Leeds:- "The roll-out is almost about to happen". So, about an hour away, then?

RT is the Russian news channel, or - more accurately - the mouthpiece of President Putin. It was going on this morning about British politicians being less than even-handed and one-sided. Which has to be one of the biggest - and presumably unintentional - ironies of the year

Well, either it did a great job or a neighbour 'denounced' it to the police. For no sooner had I cited the huge For Sale sign on the front gate round the corner from me than it was removed. I favour the 'denuncia' possibility since this - as has been said - is a favourite Spanish activity.

Finally . . . If my thesis is correct, this is something you'll never see written about the English football team:- This was not a game of great beauty but the team played with intelligence, commitment and an utter understanding of their trainer's tactics. Germany, of course.

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