Sunday, August 03, 2014

EU subsidy; War; Scams; & A political cop out.

It's well known that France gets a humungous EU subsidy via the Common Agricultural Policy but I was intrigued to see this described today as 'war reparations' that Germany (and the rest of us) will eventually tire of making. Actually, the Brits have been tired of it for years, especially after seeing the EU destroy its fishing industry.

Whichever side you favour - if you do - there's no denying that Hamas and Israel are engaged in a war to the death. In such a war the object is to defeat the other side as quickly as possible, which is why talk of 'proportionality' strikes me as odd. Was there anyone at Hitler's side saying "Let's not send the V1 and V2 rockets to London. The British don't have any of their own"? Pick your own example from the British side, possibly the fire bombing of Dresden. Of course I deplore the deaths in Gaza but they will only stop when the war is won and lost. Or when Hamas accepts it can't win it and agrees to a real truce and peace settlement. I'm not holding my breath.

You'd think that people who are trying to con you with false emails would at least invest in a native speaker to check their English, rather than rely on a dictionary. Or, worse, Google Translate. This thought has been provoked by this message received this morning: "Facebook. Unread messages will be deleted soon woefully."

Finally . . . Here in Galicia, the ex President of the Ourense provincial government has been sentenced to a 9 month bar from office, which - given that he's retired - is not going to affect him very much. Given a chance to comment on the offence of putting 140 people (mostly relatives) into jobs in the administration without due process, the Galician President yesterday declined to call it a crime, saying it was just a case of 'irregularities' and that the ex-president had ceased to be a member of the PP party a while ago. As if.

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