Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Franco's relatives; Binge drinking; Head-turning; Kamikazes; & Flag-bearing.

My friend Dwight tells me that the Franco's granddaughter does, in fact, have royal links. Her first husband was one of the Bourbons. So she really is a 'celebrity'. Better than marrying a bullfighter even.

After the weekend's drunken bullfight revels - involving young women from 12 upwards it seemed to me - 19 youngsters were admitted to hospital with alcoholic poisoning. Possibly because the local police were conspicuous by their absence. "Well, it's a fiesta, isn't it? So the law about drinking in the street doesn't apply".

Talking about laws . . . In less than 30 minutes last April, a total of 13 drivers were fined in my barrio for turning their head more than 45 degrees. The fines have now been ratified by the local council - i. e. the people who get the money - but it's noteworthy that no more fines have been issued since April.

I'm not sure there are kamikaze drivers in the UK and elsewhere - people who drive the wrong way down major highways. We had another one over the weekend, an 80 year old who drove the wrong way down the AP-9 until the police managed to stop him. It takes all sorts. I'd like to think this one wouldn't be allowed on the road again but am not confident. He could have friends.

Pontevedra's 2-week long Peregrina Fiesta starts tomorrow and one of the major events is the Debutantes' ball at the Liceo, when 14 or 15 young ladies will be introduced into society. Quaint.

Finally . . . Needless to say, since the last time I mentioned it, I've seen many examples of the British flag being used on clothing. Perhaps the best was today's couple both wearing Union Jack T-shirts, hers white and his blue.

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