Thursday, August 21, 2014

Local madness; Belated Steps; Ciggie news; Jotting of a Rotter; & Madrid.

You might think that those managing the white elephant of a hugely expensive airport used by absolutely no one would be careful with their money. If so, you'd be very wrong. For, down in Valencia, the (heavily indebted) regional government has handed over €660,000 to the local Castellón football team in a sponsorship deal that beggars belief.

One of Spain's worst anti-entrepreneur aspects has long been the obligation on the part of anyone self-employed to pay at least €280 social security tax a month, regardless of sales and profits. This has finally been reduced to €53 a month, albeit for only the first 6 months. As a result, numbers of people registering as an autonomo have shot up. Let's hope they're all successful.

Going in the other direction have been cigarette sales. There's been a 47% drop in ten years, with factors including anti-smoking laws, tax increases and Crisis-created lower purchasing power. Then, of course, there's the alleged smuggling from Gibraltar. Not to mention the contraband trade into Galicia's estuaries and coves. Personally, I see anything that reduces smoking as a good thing and I've noticed that few Spanish men seem to smoke these days. Sadly, this can't be said for Spanish women. Especially the younger ones.

Here's a jotting from one of my visitors, a self-designated rotter.

Finally . . . HT to Lenox of Business Over Tapas for this citation, a video on Madrid life.

Incidentally, the Spanish for 'weekend' (fin de semana) is translated for the subtitles as 'from Thursday through Saturday'. Which surely tells you something. If only that Sunday is a day of recovery from 3 nights on the tiles.

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