Friday, September 12, 2014

Banco Santander; The Tour of Spain; Independence here and there; Not-the-UK; & Bird trouble.

El País today had 8 pages of reportage on the passing of the president of Santander Bank. Plus the lead item on the front age. And an editorial. Finally, a dedicated opinion column. Appropriately, he was referred to as the 'emperor' of Spanish banking. But why not 'Caudillo? At times like this one wonders how long it will take Spain to move away from worship of the Big Man. Or el cacique. Meanwhile, his eldest child has inherited the fiefdom which is Santander Bank, masquerading as a public, listed company. But I don't suppose there'll be a shareholder revolt. Even though the chances of her getting the job in a meritocratic recruitment process would probably not be all that high. Perhaps they're confident all the other not-so-big men to keep her in her place.

I saw the Tour de España pass me twice today. Or, to be honest, just the once - as I blinked the second time. But, anyway, it was good to see that my shout of encouragement to Chris Froome was effective, as he stormed up to second place in the rankings. Here is is. Somewhere.

Independence? 1: Scotland: Former Nato chief Lord Robertson warns that the residual UK would be distracted for years by a messy divorce. "The world" he says "has not yet caught up with the full and dramatic implications of what is going on." Has anyone?

Independence? 2: Cataluña: The region/country's President has said that "If the Catalan population wants to vote on its future, it's practically impossible to stop that forever." He's probably right. Though Spain's President forcefully disagrees. At the moment.

Alternative names for the (possible) new United Kingdom:
Smaller UK - SUK
Residual UK - RUK
Truncated UK - TUK
Failed UK - FUK
My thanks to all contributors.

Finally . . . My younger daughter today saw a pigeon struck by a kestrel or (more likely) a sparrow-hawk in her garden. Instead of hitting the badly damaged bird on the head, she took it to a vet. I despair of today's youth. A pigeon, for God's sake!

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Sierra said...

Be interesting to know how much the Galicia tourist board is paying to have La Vuelta back again - they've even chosen Santiago instead of Madrid for the final stage.

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