Monday, September 22, 2014

Cataluña; The EU; Rules?; Asinine Archbishop; Spanish; & scammer stringing.

Catalan independence: A couple of quotes:-
  • Madrid is going to block their vote and it may lead to Ghandi-style civic resistance that could bring Catalan cities to a standstill.”
  • I see no way out. Nothing is going to stop the Catalan movement. We’re heading for a train wreck.”
There are some here in Galicia - i. e. the nationalists who call it Galiza - who are very disappointed the Scottish vote went the way it did. For they were hoping to take Scotland's place in the the UK. This was presumably seen as less than independence but better than being part of Spain. Anyway, here's their (amusing) petition to David Cameron.

The EU: Is Brussels' relief at the Scottish vote misplaced?: A couple of quotes:-
  • "Alex Salmond may not have won the day but he has reshuffled the European pack in ways nobody could have imagined."
  • "Europe will never be the same after Scotland's vote. Nor will British euroscepticism." More here.

Rules: Down in Pontevedra's Parking Central, there's a sign telling you not to park in the yellow zones. Just in case you can't read (I guess), there's a metal barrier on each such zone. See here:-

The outgoing Archbishop of Madrid - a notorious right winger, most recently famous for calling women who have sex outside marriage 'whores' - has told his successor that he wants to stay in the archiepiscopal palace - on the best floor - and that he wants to retain his car, his chauffeur, a secretary and the 2 nuns who look after him. I can think of nothing better calculated to drive austerity-afflicted Spaniards from the pews. Those few that remain.

Bits of Spanish:
1. Yerro, yerras. etc.: Present tense of Errar - To err.
2. Pavo royal: Royal turkey. Peacock. Not Prince Charles.

Finally . . . Yesterday I mentioned the "Windows Service Department" scam. Here and here are a couple of videos in which the caller is strung along for more time than I managed.


eljay said...

My very favorite call from one of these windows scam people began with the line "Hello, my name is Stan Lee." I couldn't stop laughing and the man hung up.
I'm an american, born and raised, who has family in Galicia and I really enjoy your blog. Gives me a lot of insight into things I Just don't understand about Spain. Thanks.

Colin Davies said...

Many thanks, Eijay. Much appreciated.

Lenox said...

Hi Colin - pavo real, not 'royal'. We used to have some - drove the neighbours batty!

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