Thursday, September 18, 2014

Scotland; Spain; & Daughters.

So, Scotland - or the majority of it, anyway - has today shown common sense and voted to stay in the United Kingdom, doubtless effecting a massive sigh of relief around Europe and the rest of the world. Now we wait to see whether Cataluña shows its own famous common sense - seny - in November. Assuming a referendum ever take place there. Or even just a plebiscite.

As for me, the three-quarters of me which is English, Irish and Welsh is delighted. But the quarter which is Scottish is ever so slightly disappointed. On the other hand, all of me is impressed at the accuracy of my prediction. Give me a call, Mr Gallup.

I'm not sure Britain has ever had a Constitutional Commission but there may well be one now, as the commitment to "Devo-Max" is fulfilled. Not just for Scotland but for all the other UK constituent parts. Perhaps the famous West Midlothian Question will finally be answered. Interesting times. A curse for politicians.

There will be hundreds of questions arising now but, for me, one obvious one is whether Glasgow will declare UDI, on the back of significant majority for independence. In sharp contrast with Edinburgh.

Back here in Spain, things proceed as normal. A diplomat who sold visas in the Congo has been arrested and now faces prison. And a senior tax official down in Andalucia has been nabbed for a multi-million fraud around EU subventions for training courses. Hey ho.

Finally . . . My elder daughter is visiting for a couple of weeks. On the evidence of 20 corpses among the ashes, she suspects there's a hornets' nest in the chimney. "With daughters," I told her "you always have a hornets' nest in the house." "And a plentiful supply of serpents' teeth". She was decidedly unamused.

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Perry said...

Devo Max means many things to many people. To me it means "Get back to your kennels". The Welsh, Northern Irish & English will have no further truck with your insolence.

Plans are in hand for Glasgow & Dundee to be fenced off as plazas de soberanía like Ceuta and Melilla & resettled with 1000s of illegal migrants currently camped in Calais. Try voting them out!

Yours ever,

Devious Scameron