Saturday, September 06, 2014

Those aforados; A medical dilemma; Cheaper?: Nude stars?: The Ferira Franca; & Acts to avoid.

If you're confused as to what an aforado is and why Spain has about 17,600 more of these than any other Western democracy, this is the El País article for you, in English.

And if you're wondering why the UK hospital didn't offer the 'right' treatment to Ashya King or if you're confused by the superficial and sensational media coverage in both the UK or Spain, here's the helpful view of a brain surgeon on the issues.

Which reminds me . . . If someone told you that A cost 100 and B cost 25, would you instinctively say that B was "two and a half times cheaper" than A? Or would you say it was 75% cheaper? Me, I'd go with the latter, especially as I've no idea what the former means. Sky News, though, plumped for the "two and a half times cheaper" nonsense. God knows why.

Incidentally . . . Am I the only person in the world who hasn't seen the nude fotos of female film stars allegedly posted on the web?

Ignoring the not-terribly-big bierfest in October, tomorrow sees our last big fiesta of the year. It's the Feira Franca, or medieval fair - a tradition which stretches back now as far as 2000. Actually, the preparations are impressive. As I regularly say, the Spanish are never more serious than when they're preparing to have fun. Here, for example, is a modern rubbish bin disguised as . . . well, you decide.

And here's a spot which normally features a piece of gruesome graffiti and the nocturnal activities of a group of semi-wild felines. 

And here's a parade of knights I happened upon this evening, presumably heralding the tourney we now have every year in the city's bullring.

Sadly for all, this being the Atlantic coast, a huge storm is forecast to drench everyone this afternoon/evening and ruin the costumes they've all hired. For fotos of a previous (dry) year, see here.

Finally . . . Here's a Spanish expat's view of the 7 things you'll be hanged, drawn and quartered for doing in London. If only mentally. [Only pictures get hung. No need to thank me.]


Alfred B. Mittington said...

Juries also get hung...

Colin Davies said...

And parliaments.

Sierra said...

Re: fourth paragraph:

Yes, allegedly