Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Menu items; Shoot!: Lisbon thoughts; & Perfect coffee?

It's too easy but also irresistible - Here are some menu items from dinner tonight in a (the?) restaurant in Sao Teotóio:
Cod will bras.
Bitoque cow
Pork with clampons
Mixed grill meat interspersed, sausage, bluegrass chop.

Watching a football match on the TV, the only word I picked up was Shoota! I'm guessing this is the imperative of Shootar. Possibly Brazilian Portuguese. Surprisingly, although Spanish has corner (or cornerr) and penálti, it hasn't adopted this usage.

Thoughts from a morning in Lisbon:-
- If you're going to be looking for the Metro sign, take some binoculars; they're small, low down and unlit. As if advertising a MacDonalds for midgets.
- The castle is well worth a visit.
- The Cathedral (Sé) isn't.
- Getting into the Castle is via an automatic gate, saving staff. But, as it's unclear how to use your barcoded ticket to get through the gate, a guard is employed to show you. Instead of just ripping your ticket in half, absent a machine.
- Allow yourself plenty of time to buy Metro tickets at an automatic machine. Instructions are complex and (a nice touch) only in Portuguese. Once you master them, they're relatively straightforward but, until then, you're likely to build up quite a queue behind you. So probably best not done in the rush hour.
- So many cruise ships now visit Lisbon, there's almost certainly going to be one or two docked anytime you visit. You can tell which couples are from the ships as the men, despite being nearer to 75, are wearing 3/4 trousers which might just look OK on men of 25. Possibly.

Finally . . . I used to make my morning coffee by pouring water that was 'just off the boil' into my cafetiere. But now I read that the water really should be at exactly 87 degrees Fahrenheit. Life really is tough at times.


Alfred B. Mittington said...

My dear boy,

I'm sorry to prove you wrong, but among Spanish soccer youth, it is now common to use 'shutear' (i.e. to shoot, especially at the goal; I'm not too sure about the spelling, of course).

By the by: did you really mean to write 87º Fahrenheit? That is almost room temperature. Some clarification would be welcome.


Perry said...

212º Fahrenheit is boiling water, also known as 100º Centigrade.

87º Fahrenheit is room temperature albeit a rather warm room, as Al has pointed out. My cafetiere also came with the advice "water just off the boil". I wait a minute or so before Lavazza Gold is the Ferrari of coffee & served with single cream, is perfecto.

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