Thursday, November 13, 2014

A comet cookie?; Spanish food; Spanish names; Brothel bills; Spanish English; & Another apostrophe?

The European Space Agency today announced they'd landed a probe on a comet travelling at 34,000 miles (or was it Km?) an hour. To me it looked like a meringue, so there'll doubtless be a few conspiracy theories on the net tomorrow. If not already.

In the latest of its lists of 10 Spanish things, The Local offers the Spanish dishes you should eat before you kick el cubo. The first of these is the vastly overrated and ludicrously priced bits of salty rubber called percebes. After seeing the picture, I didn't get to see the other nine.

Here's a list from me - Strange female names. I found them in my notebook, so apologies if I've posted them already:-
Dolores - Pains
Lágrimas - Tears
Milagros - Miracles
Rocio - Dew
I may have made up one or two. On the other hand, I may not have. There are others but they don't come to mind right now.

Talking of The Local . . . It reports that "A former executive with Spain's main copyright organization has been sentenced to two and half years in prison after he spent €40,000 on 'buying drinks' for prostitutes using a corporate credit card". That's some going. Or coming.

Spain is rising in the English Language Proficiency Index, from 23rd last year to 20th this year. This puts it close to the High Proficiency category. Italy languishes at 27th and France, of course, at 29th. At this rate, within 20 years, Spain will have a President who speaks the world's current lingua franca. Though not Mandarin.

Finally . . . And talking of English . . . Last week I came across the line: And every sweet-lipp’t thing. In a poem, of course, from earlier times. It got me wondering whether we couldn't profit from using this convention in similar words to 'lipped'. As in stop't, look't, cook't, etc. Or would it just mean more apostrophe confusion?


Anthea said...

Of course, "Concepcion" is quite often "Concepcion Inmaculada" - Immaculate Conception. Frequently she becomes "Concha" or "Inma". Do many small Spanish girls still have such names?

paideleo said...

Lágrimas ? Penitencia ?. You sure ?.

Colin Davies said...

No, ententirely. But there is

Lida Melba Benavídez Tabárez, conocida como Lágrima Ríos.

But I think I did invent Pentitencia, to make the point about strangeness.

paideleo said...

Tamén soarán extraños os nomes de Socorro e Consuelo.

Stories said...


and I think it is Milagros (not Migralos).

Dolores is frequently Lola

Colin Davies said...

Thanks, folks. Sorry about the Milagros typo. Especially to my friend Mila. Not Migra.

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