Saturday, November 15, 2014

Construction; Priestly booze; Best dog; Corruption; word of the day; & Hill trouble.

That smart chap, Mr Soros, is said to have invested in the Spanish construction industry, ahead of its Phoenix-like rise from the rubble. I must say I was surprised to read this. With more than a million properties around the country still to be sold (including 40 visible from my window), it's hard to see where the work is going to take place. Perhaps down in Andalucia, where wealthy Russians and Arabs find life so conducive.

As I may have mentioned, my younger daughter is getting married next Saturday. As they are both strong Catholics, today was their day for what I have unkindly labelled their pre-nup priestly prattle. It's in two parts. The first was late morning and the second is in an hour from now. In between, I've been instructed to go to the supermarket for the priest's favourite tipple - Not a French or Spanish wine but bottles of real ale. What is the Church coming to? He's actually a monsignor, I'm told, but doing him justice would have ruined my alliteration.

Having had a border collie for 17 years and another before that - I wasn't terribly surprised to read today that they'e considered - on 5 criteria - to the the top dog. I was pleased, moreover, to see that my opinion about the (British) Bulldog was endorsed - a short-living waste of time and space. Sorry if that offends. Pontevedra's favourite cur - the French Bulldog - is almost as bad, being slightly less ugly.

Yawn . . . A new police operation against political corruption in Spain swooped into action on Tuesday, with arrests of 30 people in 13 provinces. Politicians, public employees and technicians were among those detained in the regions of Andalucia, Canary Islands, Extremadura and Madrid. The target is an alleged “criminal scheme” dedicated to rigging public contracts covering park and garden maintenance. According to investigators, the main companies involved had created a network of corrupt public employees and civil servants who would ensure the firms won contracts in exchange for kickbacks.

Word of the day: Flagitious - Shameful, vicious, scandalous. It's fallen out of use only in the last century, it seems. Please help to bring it back. 

Finally . . . I'm intrigued that the British voice on my nat-sav mangles English almost as often as it does with Spanish. She seems to have particular trouble with the word 'hill', which she gives in a  number of ways. One of these is 'vil' and the other is 'll' tacked on to the end of the previous word - as in 'Long'll'. Odd.

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Barcelona's Singing Organ-Grinder said...

1) Aren't monsignori still priests?
2) Haven't they been abolished? Is someone extracting the urine?

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