Monday, November 17, 2014

Nation states v. the EU; Spanglish; Taxation and God; & Lovely Cheshire.

Spot the difference:
Britain, etc.: A nation state, with sovereignty over its citizens and managed by people whose well-paid jobs are held at the whim of the people and which will certainly end within a defined period.
The EU: A pseudo-superstate with increasing sovereignty over 28 nation states, and managed by people whose even better paid jobs are at the whim of themselves and their cronies and who cannot be voted out of power by the people.

Spanglish: Un tupper is not, as you might think, a ram but a plastic box for food. For obvious reasons. Pronounced tooper.

Speaking of Spanish . . . For the word 'mixture' I have always used mezcla but I noticed recently that the bird seed I buy is called a mixtura and wondered whether this was a bit of Spanglish. Possibly not, as the Royal Academy gives 'mixture' as its meaning.

Listening to a podcast about the morality of taxation today, I was struck by the thought that the cost of both personal and general disasters should be borne by those who believe these are the will of God. A 'God Tax', if you will. Or a 'Divine Social Services' contribution. This would compel the faithful to put their money where their beliefs are. All faiths, of course. I'm an equal opportunity atheist.

Finally . . . Here's a nice slide show on my patria chica, the county of Cheshire. 

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