Monday, November 24, 2014

The day after

A day of lovely farewells over breakfast and lunch. I fear I've invited more than a hundred people to visit me in Galicia. And that most of the buggers will turn up.

Woke at 5.30 this morning to find I'd lost my reading glasses. Waited until 7 to knock on the door of room 160, where my bag and back-up glasses were. But, without glasses, I knocked on 140 instead. The occupant was not at all happy. But I did meet her later and apologised. Anyway, I then proceeded to knock on the door of room 160 but, as I did so, recalled it should have been 162. Fled.

With luck, I'll be able to post one or two fotos of the wedding tomorrow. 

Meanwhile, I won't bore you with details of a 4 hour drive to Bristol, through heavy traffic and endless 50 or 60mph restrictions on the motorways. Instead, here's the latest Local list:- 10 (allegedly) great quotes about Spain. Some with long beards on them.


Azra said...

For some reason, I imagined the wedding in Spain. At least you won't be able to complain about being lonely or bored for a long time ;)

Colin Davies said...

Not sure I understand that, Azra.

Azra said...

I just imagine all these people knocking at your door in Galicia at some point in time in the near future (that you've either intentionally or unintentionally invited for a visit at the wedding)

Colin Davies said...

Ah, yes. Thanks for that clarification.

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