Thursday, January 29, 2015

It's only conversation . . . .

Another of those Spanish Conversations

Day 1: Trip to the computer shop

Hola. What's happening with my new keyboard? It's almost 2 months now.

Hola. I called you a couple of times but you never answered.
Around Christmas.
Was it my mobile or my home phone?
Your mobile.
I didn't receive any lost calls from you. Have you got the right number?
[We check] Yes.
OK, let me check my phone, as I never delete anything. . . .  No. There's no record of any calls from you. Call it now to see if it connects.
[He does and my phone rings]

It's all very strange but here's my laptop. When can you do it?
Today. Best if you come back this evening, after 5.



It's not ready yet. Can you come back in an hour?
No, I'll come back tomorrow morning, first thing.

Day 2



It's not ready yet. It's much more complicated than I expected. There are tiny screws for each letter. Dozens of them. I was up until 2am last night [12 midnight in countries with a sane horario] but I couldn't finish it.
So, will it be finished today?
Oh, yes.
Well, I'll come back this evening.

All of which explains why I'm sitting here in Pontevedra's only remaining - and pretty deserted - cyber café, using a rather dirty keyboard - albeit one that doesn't stick - and feeding a meter.

And wondering whether I'll ever get my laptop back. Or, if I do, whether it'll work. And what the hell I'll do if it doesn't.

And to think I went to a local shop as I didn't want to have to go to Vigo to the Apple shop and hand over my laptop for an indefinite period. If, indeed, there still is an Apple shop in Vigo. Someone has told me there isn't.

I am not a happy camper.

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