Monday, January 12, 2015

UK lawyers; Charlie Hebdo; & Spanish trains.

Perhaps this helps to explain the rise in UK lawyers I mentioned yesterday:- Another reason for this shambles is the army of lawyers, who then use the Council of Europe’s Convention on Human Rights to make confusion worse confounded. . . . The total failure of the EU’s “common asylum policy” puts into the shade even the mess it has made of its other “common European policies”, on agriculture, fisheries or the euro. More here.

Charlie Hebdo

1. Dominic Lawson in the Sunday Times: Nous sommes tous Charlie? Tu me fais rire! Of course it’s not a laughing matter when a roomful of French cartoonists is murdered for mocking the prophet Muhammad. But permit me a mirthless cackle at the sight of all those newspapers that printed leader columns with the defiant headline “Nous sommes tous Charlie” — “We are all Charlie” — but decided not to show the cartoons that brought about the slaughter of the staff of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. I felt much the same about all the luvvies on this morning's news programmes gushing obligatory solidarity with France. From Hollywood.

2. A Muslim commentator: The Prophet didn't killed anyone who hurts him. So how can we? we followers of Muhamad must learn to show mercy to mentally disorder people.
The saying used to be 'Don't mock the afflicted.' Now it seems to be, for this person at least, 'Don't kill the afflicted'. But, if this is a Muslim sentiment that stops the killing, let's go with it. "Anyone who criticises Islam is mad. So can't help it. Show mercy for their condition and don't kill them." If only all Christians could be so understanding with doctors who perform abortions.

Some of the doubtless many ironies.
1. Before the killings, hardly anyone in the world knew of Charlie Hebdo and even fewer had seen any offensive cartoons. Now millions have.
2. Muslims have more freedoms (eg to give up their religion and to attack other religions) in western states than in Muslim states.
3. Some of the heads of state in Paris yesterday preside over countries which ban Charlie Hebdo.
4. In the 'united' and 'free' France everyone was eulogising yesterday, antisemitism is rising and support for Marie Le Penn's far right National Front is growing. They must have been laughing with despair in the synagogues and in the appalling ghettoes of the banlieues. Or leaving the wonderful country.

The internet
1. So-called social media, is in fact an intolerant and largely brainless electronic mob. Peter Hitchins.
2. Snarling or not, the mob often seems to have problems spelling the words it uses:-
- And it's about time our royal family stopped sucking up to there's.
- In the absence of hard facts this is nothing more than here say.
- The TV presenter sends a flurry of tweets about waxworks includeing The Queen, Kate Middleton and Hitler. (Sunday Telegraph headline!)

Finally . . . Waiting for my daughter at the train station last night, I was able to watch a bit of the match between Atlético Madrid and Barcelona. And to note that the latest advertising irritation is the showing of some company's logo just before each replay. Atlético's sponsor is Azerbaijan, whose shirt slogan is The Land of Fire. I thought this was a reference to Zaroastrianism but apparently not.

It's many years since British Rail stopped calling their passengers 'passengers' and started calling them 'customers'. Not everyone was happy with this but one positive result was that the company - and its successors - got a lot better at communicating with its customers. Not so, Spain's Renfe, it seems. It was me who told my daughter that she was going to arrive an hour late, since nothing at all had been said on the train. Customer orientation is still an asignatura pendiente here in Spain. Though some companies are better than they were 10 years ago. Give me a minute and I'll remember who they are. Definitely not the ones which take money out of your account before you get their bills.


Alfred B. Mittington said...

I must say it takes some cheek to criticize other people's spelling mistakes, you being the newly appointed editor of 'Colin's Weakly'!!

Colin Davies said...

Do you mean 'criticise'?

Bill said...

Point of information: the French politician you referred to is Marine Le Pen, not Marie Le Penn.

Colin Davies said...

Thanks, Bill.. Yes, I realised later I'd got Marine wrong.But she' called to say it's OK.

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