Saturday, February 14, 2015

Tyrants; The 7 Samurai; Corruption X-ray; Galician nosh; Ponters' Gypsies; & Murillo's art.

Notice what these dictators have in common?:-
  • Kim Jong Un 175cm/ 5ft 9
  • Pol Pot 175cm/ 5ft 9
  • Hitler 173cm/ 5ft 8
  • Putin 170cm/ 5ft 7
  • Mussolini 169cm/ 5ft 6½
  • Ceausescu 168/ 5ft 6
  • Napoleon 168cm/ 5ft 6
  • Stalin 165cm/ 5ft 5
  • Franco 163cm/ 5ft 4
  • Could it be they were compensating for something?
I wouldn't want to give the impression it's compulsory to be 'vertically challenged' to be a tyrant. There are, in fact, a few dictators who are/were tall:
  • Mao Tse Dung - 180cm/5ft 11
  • Mugabe 185cm/ 6ft 1
  • Idi Amin 193/ 6ft 4
It's Mugabe who surprises me; I always thought he was rather short. Perhaps it's all relative. 

Glancing at the reviews on IMDb of The Seven Samurai - my favourite film - I noted there were at least 50 pages of people rating it 9 or 10. So I jumped to the last page (57) to see if anyone had ever disliked this. And I found this: In my life, I have had the extreme misfortune to see some of the worst movies ever captured on film. I'm talking extreme bad, plot holes, no character development, nothing. Terrible movies which make you want to slowly pull your eyeballs out and tear your hair out of your head. None of them - NONE OF THEM - are nearly as terrible as this terrible piece of crap. THIS IS THE WORST MOVIE OF ALL TIME!!! Whoever directed this abomination should be ashamed of himself and his family should hide in shame for the rest of their existence. My first thought was this person would feel pretty stupid if he, too, saw there were hundreds of people giving it top marks. And then I realised he wouldn't. 

HT to my fellow blogger Lenox, of Business Over Tapas, who writes: "There are over 1,900 public figures accused in different cases of political corruption across Spain. A video called Radiografía de la Corrupción over at Irispress explains how Spain has come to this." Perhaps the most disturbing fact is the huge gap between the number of people convicted and those seriously punished. As opposed to being slapped on the wrist by being banned from office for a brief period. 

Phrases come and some phrases go. I wonder whether the currently popular "kick on" will make the grade. Or just fade away. My guess is the latter. 

When it comes to eating, Gallegos are decidedly conservative. But I might just have stumbled across the first Galician culinary invention in a long time - Mussel paté. Now, if I could just get them to make mackerel paté. Or even just eat mackerel and put it on a menu or two! Trouble is, they don't rate it at all. Meaning, though, that it's dirt cheap down in the fish market. 

Well, a couple of demolitions did take place in the gypsy encampment down the hill this week. And this happened, the papers say, without the usual game of cat-and-mouse. This was because the council offered the owners accommodation elsewhere, which might prove a good model for the other 40 illegal houses on the site. It has to be said, though, that there's a history of adverse reaction by folk already living in the blocks of flats to which gypsies are relocated. And allegations that taps, copper wires, floorboards, etc. have been stripped from the new homes. Which may or may not be true. 

Finally . . . This is a beautiful painting by the 17th century Spanish artist Murillo. It's of 2 Gallegas, so merits an appearance here for more than one reason.

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