Sunday, March 08, 2015

The future?; Pokemon; UK MPs; Lamprey; The Wild Pigs; & A surprise fiesta.

Corruption in Spain: Has this dropped off a cliff since the first big trial began 6 years ago or has it continued regardless? If the latter, we'll be reading of arrests for the next 10 years at least. Unless Podemos gets into power later this year and the country suddenly becomes whiter than white. This, though, is looking less and less likely, as the centrist party Cuidadanos (Citizens) eats into Podemos's support, because it's seen by angry Spaniards as a less extreme option to the 2 major parties.

Meanwhile, our own big trial here in Galicia - Pokemon - has reached the point at which the investigating judge feels able to impute 39 of those arrested. Needless to say, it's taken years to get here. Which prompts the question - Could a Spanish judge spend his/her entire career on just one trial? Jardine v Jardine springs to mind.

Talking of Dickens . . . It's not often one comes up against someone who's a character from a novel. But this happened to me on Friday, when I went back to see the obsequious doctor I cited the other day. He was worse than before, even following me from his office so he could put my results in an envelope. And shaking my hand at least twice. Once with both hands. I wondered whether I was his only patient.

Hard to believe but in 1970 there were more than 30 MPs in the British parliament - all Labour, of course - who were ex-miners. The number now? Nil. Everyone's middle class these days. 

It's lamprey season here in southern Galicia. I've long thought about trying what's said to be the ugliest of fish, and very much an acquired taste. I saw it offered in a tapas bar here in Pontevedra yesterday but the price tag of €60 put me off a bit - unless a la bordalesa means 'smothered in gold leaf'. Though my dictionary gives bordalesa as 'A wine barrel holding 250 litres', which is an attractive alternative.

Yesterday afternoon I spent a pleasant hour or two with Los Porcos Bravos, a group of men and (a few) women who meet from time to time to enjoy wild boar stew, and quite a few beers. 

Once a year the men contest a semi-serious football match with the Sheffield Stags, either here or in the UK. They start their next tour of British pubs very shortly, in Newcastle, and I'll meet up with them again for the match in Sheffield on 22nd March. I  would say they're as welcoming as only Spaniards can be but this would insult them, as they prefer to be seen as Galicians.

So they should be able to help me with this Gallego headline from yesterday's Diario de Pontevedra - A universidade é clave para mudalo todo para sermos persoas e non penes ou vaxinas. Which seems a little blunt. Google gives it as "The university is the key to change it all to be people and not penalties or vaginas." But I know that penalties isn't right. 

Finally . . . We had a spontaneous fiesta in Pontevedra over the weekend, in honour of last week's international award to the city for its town planning. This is undoubtedly deserved but I'm guessing the visiting dignitaries weren't shown the junction between the old quarter and the main shopping street where the tarmac was being changed for the 3rd time in less than a year. Hopefully not by the same company.


paideleo said...

A frase en galego quere dicir que coa universidade somos todos seres pensantes sen distinción entre homes e mulleres.

paideleo said...

Lamprea á bordalesa significa estilo Burdeos, a cidade francesa.
A min encántame a lamprea á bordalesa. Se está seca ou en empanada xa non me chista tanto.
O prezo sempre asusta e, de feito, só a como en casa dos meus sogros que son de Arbo.

Mighty Main said...

Os Porcos Bravos
esa L, de aprendiz ¿?

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