Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Election shenanigans; & Snaps of Lisbon.

I've commented on the way Britain's National Health Service is cynically used as a political football. Yesterday I read this Private Eye account of how the Labour party is trying to leverage their perceived electoral edge in this are:- A reader tells us he signed up for an app on Facebook which offered to find out how many people had the same name as him on the electoral register. He mischievously asked how many were called Harold Shipman [a doctor and notorious serial killer who knocked off at least 35 of his aged patients]. The site replied there were 5 and he thought no more of it. Then he began to be bombarded with unsolicited emails from the Labour party. The political propaganda was all directed to Harold Shipman and contained messages from [various Labour bigwigs]. Our favourite was from the shadow Health Secretary: "Harold. Young or old, rich or poor, man or woman - no one's life in Britain would be the same without our incredible [sic!] health service. Harold: Click here to see the story of you and our NHS". Some story this would be!

Here are a few fotos of Lisbon, a city which - in early April - is already teeming with tourists. Not least in the barrio of Belém, where what used to be a small pastry shop-cum-café has become an obligatory stop for the millions of Japanese visitors who need to be snapped having a cup of tea and a cake there.

The city's rather central prison

Belém church

Tower of Belém

Luxury flats in what used to be the House of the English (Jesuits)

Off to Sintra and Evora today.


Perry said...

I also am inclined to believe in our impossible to believe NHS.

paideleo said...

Sintra é preciosa.

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